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After the wait

My daughter a letter that she was being moved from the support group of the ESA to working!!!

She sent off my appeal,thanks by the way to the CAB this on the 6th June

Then she had a date to be interviewed for work I wheeled her in her wheelchair,and had the comment "Well you shouldn't be here". A very nice lady talked through the procedure of what I had to do. half way through I mentioned we had appealed as the letter from the ESA medic stated twice, it looked as though I would be incapable of work.Immediately she looked it up and said the appeal was successful on the 3rd July you are now in the support group.Whew relief..... This morning I rang the ESA to confirm the appeal was successful. First of all they said NO then told me to hang on,back they came and said it was correct the appeal had won. I then asked for written confirmation.They seemed surprised. Anyway now waiting the results of the DLA....dreading it,.

My daughter at 45 is now confined to a wheel chair and also looking for an electric one so so that she can get out without waiting for someone to push her.. Thinking of all you guys, it is nice to know Ithat she is not the only one with the crippling pain 24/7 and no sleep...

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Hi aggie

My elsdest boy has just been put back into support group, not without a fight I may add.

His probs are different, I have fibro n bits n bobs

The system is an absolute disgrace, just think of all the poor people who have no one to back them up so they just give up.

Good on ya xxx


well done love to hear when people have been successful especially when help by the CAB if you are in receipt of DLA she may be able to apply for a grant to help with the cost of an electric wheelchair. Please go back to CAB and ask them to check all associations and charities. Congrats again at last happy news huge love to you all. Good luck for your future, never give up xxxx


well done Aggie and hugs to you and your daughter. I was told that you can be assessed for an nhs electric wheelchair. regards, sandra


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