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i am really bad at the min and i am not surprised as i am really doing too much and not pacing myself at all like last night my daiughter got home at 6 pm so i ran her a bath then i got all her stuff in the washing machine got all that done then got it dird and put away then i hoovered her car out for her and washed it down and then i sat down what i should have done was left the washing til today and left the car completely as it is raining here at the min lol but i had also driven over to see my other daughter half hour away in the and then walked the dog with my partner in the afternoon !!!!!

i think i am gonna have to really sit myself down and have a good talking too myself the trouble is when i look in the mirror well yes i look ok a bit thinner ans more tired looking than i used to but other than that ok ish so it is hard to face at times that you cant do the things that you used to do with one hand behind your back,

it is horrible when you are 47 in few weeks and you cant do things like walk in town and have a shopping trip without paying for it

o well best i go and talk to myself i think and smack my bottom and give myself a good telling off lol

love to you all diddle xxx

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Hey diddle,you are not looking after yourself,when your children are older they should be looking after you,not the other way round,I no you obviously don't mind doing things for your daughter,but surely she is old enough to do her own washing,hoovering and cleaning her car etc,it really isn't worth it, as you are the one paying for it later,by feeling rubbish.

If you hadn't done everything for your daughter yesterday you would have more energy to do things for yourself today.

I am same sort of age as you,I have 4 children 29,27,24,21 and the only one i do things for is my daughter who is 27,has. 3 year old twins,has to work full time in a stressful job to pay the bills as she is the main bread winner she has severe systemic lupus/possible multiple sclerosis,which despite 30 plus tablets a day is still not under control.

Please look after yourself,your daughter is old enough to look after herself,you are going to be the one to suffer today for all that you did yesterday,not your daughter.

I now you won't mind doing things for her ,but think of yourself first,save your energy to use on yourself,bless ya.

Hope you don't feel to worse for wear,take care, Sandy.


gm, just read your comment, i used to be so house proud, so methodical, and on the go 24/7 until the dreadad fibro robbed me of all my energy along with my cancer and kidney problem, so what i am trying to say is stop worrying about the house , yes it can be very hard to adjust to doing less, in my case very little, health has robbed me of all my get up and go, so i save that precious energy to relax and do things that uplift me. the house still gets by, with less spik and span, you are more important than any housework or windows, i don't mean live in a mess, but life is far to short to not enjoy, cos who knows what 2moro might bring, tc, soma


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