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How many?

Have you ever considered just how many of us there must be. I never had always felt quite alone on a limb........... but then I found this site brilliant thanks guys. So there must be hundreds if not thousands of us all suffering in our own ways just getting on with life as best we can. I think it would be marvelous to meet some people but cannot find any here in border scotland/ carlisle.

I am going out to look at Dumfriess House today it is a large stately pile promoted by Prince Charles. Looking forward to it I love antiques and I am potty about gardens hope the sun shines! Have a good day x gins

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They are doing this on facebook for m.e sufferers.

Great idea


they is a fibro action facebook page , and other fibro groups to i just typed fibro on facbook search and all the sites came up so there is a lot like us xx unfortunatley not enough people, medical, and others that do not recognise and understand what we are going through x


There are many many Fibro groups everywhere, on different forums, on social networking sites, local support groups. Thousands and thousands of people all going through the same Fibro experience (what an experience!).

Carlisle Fibromyalgia Support Group

0844 887 2446

Take a look at the Support Groups listed here for Scotland, hope you can find something near you. :)

Hope you had a lovely time looking at the stately home, I love them! :)


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