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afternoon/evenong my fibro buddies

hi everyone .

how is everyone doing ? i am so so, the usual i have been out and had as very slow walk to the shops and my feet and legs just don't want to do the walking they are heavy and stiff and feeling very diferent to the usual feeling , and my shoulder the injection i had over fortnight ago soo hasnt worked its more bicep/tricep and under my arm annd side zacin makes it hot , voltrol ? nothing morphine doesn't even seem to work so i think what is the piont in takin so miss a few doses..... WHAM i wont do that again i anyone on pregablin i am on 75mg and i have pulsing sensations in my hands i have been on prgablin before and they took me off it because of the sensation i just don't know whst to do whethetr to perciveer or let gp know ohhh the bloomin joys of fibro and everything else our bodies have xx moan over lol have a great evening and weekend xx

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Hiya teresa

Dont worry we all moan from time to time and by God dont we have a whole raft of aches & pains to moan about lol. My day so far has been noisey, frantic, but fun. It was the last day of our 3 week summer scheme and we held a fun day for 65 children with a disco, bouncy castles, barbeque magician and party. Kidz had a total blast as did I! Well at least I did untill i was volunteered as the magicians assistant and he decided to tie me up with bandages in a rather saucy bondage pose while pretending to cut my hair!!! Of course The staff decided to take pics which they posted on facebook using the headline mr greys sub and for those of youse who dont know what this refers to try reading the 50 shades of grey trilogy nd u'l understand why im mortified lol :-)

Im chilling out at the min catchin up with my soaps then gonna soak the feet in a basin of epsom salts to draw out some toxins; I find this helps with the weird tingling and throbbing I often get in my feet after a long day standing.

Hope u hav a gud night take care Dixie xxx


Thanks dixie its not been to bad i have mainly watched the olympics and read, i know who mr grey is i have read them fifty shades and enjoyed thoroughly, i am about to read a new book called Bared to you which is supposed to be like fifty shades so i will let you know , it is 4 :50somthing as i am typing this been awake allllll nigh came to bed at 1:30 read to makeme tire but not worked laid here wondering wether to get up and make a coffee its soooi warm tooo ....i think i will take my pillows downstairs and try and lay on the sofa my shoulder is soooo givivin me some jip grrrrrrrr xx good morning anyhow xx


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