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Update on sage tablets for sweats!

Hi guys...

Just thought i would update you regarding using sage tablets for sweats. I have now been on them approx 5/6 weeks and to be truthful they do lift the edge on the sweats. They don't ease them completely but what i have noticed is if i miss a few tablets (due to fibro fog) the sweats come back worse than before i started them!!! :((

So yes i would recommend them :)


Jillybee x

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I too have also been taking them but i keep forgetting to take them, im going to start putting them with my meds in my lil sorry BIG box with compartments lol so hopefully I can start to feel some benefits. Glad they are working for you Jillybee. Gentle hugs. Hilly xx


Thanks for the update. I bought some recently, but haven't started to take them yet, mainly as I am taking so much other stuff at the moment, so am waiting until I finish latest course of antibiotics for an infectuon that just doesn't want to go away.

It is encouraging to read of something that helps, if only a little, as I often have to get up in the night and have a shower, strip my bed etc.



I too have started takin them along with wearing my Foof Magnet lol. I remember to take them in the mornjngs with breajfast but forget after that. My foof magnet is a name given by my friend to the Lady Care Magnet which can be bought in Boots for £22. Its meant to relieve sweats, menopause symptoms, help promote sleep etc. I've been using it over a month now but feel its a total waste of money.

Luv & Hugs



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