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Warm water thumbs down :-(

Well that has made no difference so what next? I am going to move on and try different tack. Today I am going to teach someone to steam my oven. That sounds more fun - I have a little yellow steamer and the oven is getting beyond the point of no return. So we will rescue it (well they can I will watch and try not to interfere too much)

It is going to be sunny - power positive thought- so I feel a bit of pottering is called for that means I shall sit in the sun and contemplate - what I hear you cry- well anything and everything the bees and the lack of butterflies have you noticed how few there are? I have plants to encourage butterflies but apart from a few cabbage white nothing- denada - so when I have had enough I shall cheer the Olympics on what a good day we had yesterday. Have a good day lots of smiling :) :) x gins

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