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got turned down:(

ok so i got my letter yesterday and i might add after a stint of nearly a week of in bed in pain and sleeping i got turned down for dla , i cried as you can imagine and i know most of you know what an impact that letter is where and what do you all suggest now??? i am going to appeal as suggested , it just infuriates me that someone is sat at a desk and just clinicly decides without seeing the real situation at hand says no! so any ideas as to how to write an appeal will be really appreciated , on saying that i hope this angry blog sees all of you well and not having a pain day :) all my hugs to you all xxx

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sending you hugs :) xxx


I'm still waiting to hear about my renewal, it's now been 6 weeks so it's not looking hopeful. previously I've heard within days .

I don't think the amount of people presently being turned down has a lot to do with how much care they need , I think it's more likely to do with the cuts in benefit due to the welfare reforms .

Ask them to look at it again, send any further info you can find from GP, carer , family , specialist and if they still say no then appeal.

The general consensus with the DWP seems at present to be that only those who are genuine will fight to get / keep their benefit, when in fact those that are genuinely ill are the ones that have very little fight left in them, which blows their theory out of the water and leaves those in genuine need without any help.


Cardiff Law Centre

Contact details

41/42 Clifton Street


CF24 1LS

Telephone: 029 2049 8117

Fax: 029 2049 7118

This was my next step if I failed my ESA appeal they are a law firm that help the underprivileged, this is my local one but they are all over the country ...

So sorry it is all so stressful for a few months I feel like a weight has been lifted ..

Soft hugs xxx



Hi sending hugs to you :) im currently in appeal with my ESA like many are on here, and its true it always seems that there are some of us who constantly have to fight for things and for help. Just seems that disabled/less abled people are being targeted in these cuts....just keep fighting and chin up x


I am also waiting for my renewal letter its been 5 weeks now and I am dreading them stopping my mobility money without it I will not be able to do anything its such a stressful time isnt it I feel for you Fairytails its awful that someone you has no knowledge of our day to day life and suffering can make this discision. I took two and half years to get mine after review second opinion and appeal and now 9 months later I have to do a renewal its like the circle has started all over again big hugs to you xxx


The wait has really stressed me out and I dread the postman coming irishlady :(

Hubby keeps saying he'll ring them , but I'm scared of him doing that too, because all the time I'm not hearing anything I keep thinking there's a small chance they may say yes.

I'm such a wuss :(



If you Click on the tag on the right side of the page called benefits, keep following links , until you find benefits at work. Health unlocked can send you emails from their help books and they are amazing! Def. worth doing they are so helpful, you can sign up for their news letter free of charge, and use their literature through health unlocked for free. Please do it they helped me so much in your position, as did the local CAB. best wishes Caz


Yes cazbaz

ive done that , they have sent me an email every day for 9 days guiding me how to fill in my dla form and its quite good x


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