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Hi, I am also new to this website. 12 years ago I was diagnosed with lupus but now, after a 10 minute consultation with a rheumatologist, he

Hi, I am also new to this website. 12 years ago I was diagnosed with lupus but now, after a 10 minute consultation with a rheumatologist, he has diagnosed fibromyalgia. I also have collagenous colitis and was prescribed Nortriptyline 20 mg (to be taken at night). My question is: this rheumatologist has decided to change my medication to Pregabalin 50 mg to be taken 3 times daily. I wonder if anyone has any feedback on Pregabalin and, indeed, whether I should be taking so much of an anti-depressant when I work full time. Grateful for any replies and have a good evening one and all.

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welcome :-). I can't help you about that as I don't take that particular medication but there are quite a few folks here who can tell you their experiences with it.




Thanks Jilly, very kind of you to reply. Hugs back! xx



I also have lupus and had my fibromyalgia diagnosed a few weeks ago. I too have been given Pregabelin. (150mg per day) I was initially very apprehensive as I had taken a similar prescription, Gabapentin, and I was zombied out with that.

In the end I started with just 2 tabs, 12 hours apart and they do help with sleeping better. After a couple of weeks I tried the daytime one as well and for a week or so I was hell to live with, bad moods etc. Now it has all settled but I do find I am more sleepy during the day and my motivation to do anything is not what it was. However, I am persevering because I do feel less stiff and the pain is much easier to cope with.

I am not sure if I would continue on the full amount if I had to drive though.

Hope this helps.


Hi Bluebell99, thanks very much for this. Yes it does help and I thank you for taking the time to reply. Good health to you.


hi lupolap,i have fibro & take 300mg pregabalin a day 150mg morning & night,i was also prescribed nortryotiline starting off on 10mg at night but working up to 20mg &so on but i find that if i take 20mg altho it helps a bit with sleep it makes me zombie fied so was told to take it earlier in the evening 12 hrs before needing to get up,it does help so you could trytaking it early evening so yr ok te next day.hope it helps you


Hi Lupolap, I tried Lyrica/Pregabalin but it made my legs and feet swell up and I was then diagnosed with Lymphedema as well as the fibro so to be on the safe side they stopped it and so I'm on Gabapentin 900mg 3x day along with zomorph etc. pregabalin/Lyric can be used for anxiety conditions but isn't actually an antidepressant, more an anticonvulsant/ pain medication so don't worry about it on that score. I hope it works well for you and eases your pain. Take care

April x


I also take 2 different antidepressants savella and pristiq it doesn't really make me

tired you get used to it. So many

Different diagnoses. I also have

Several chronic illnesses. Hope you feel better soon xxxooox


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