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I decided to push the boatout tonight lol as my daughter was out for tea with mates it was jus me and the dog i diodnt fancy pedigree chum with biscuits mixed in yummy yummy not that i am allowed within ten foot of rustys bowl when he is eating lol anyway i had wait for it 4 mini creme eggs for starters followed by a bowl of muesli followed by a peach all washed down with a glass of blackcurrant so there you go a three course meal for one or for diddle i will also have a few cheesy shapes when i get out of the bath in a miniute and that is it me done

the trouble is itis not worth cooking for one and i am a picker anyway i graze i would rather have a bowl of cereal or a roll and butter or bag of crisps than a meal so i am easy to please

anyway i hope you all have something a bit moere substantail and filling than what i had lol

i am now going to have a bath so i will say goodnight and will be back tomorrow love to all diddle xxxx

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scotch egg for me. I have to be feeling really well to open peas or on special occasions.




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