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All i do is browse around! and so thought i would share!

All i do is browse around! and so thought i would share!

I am always trying to research how why what the cause is and is there an ending.

I looked on Milwaukee site (think that was it) this is a list below of sayings!

Also i looked into the 'Benign hyper mobility syndrome' which there is controversy over whether it is EDS or not, which in all fairyness the more i read the more it is the same since if hypermobile joints and a list as long as your arm, from bunions, varicose veins, hernias all of which i have and had. The list is pretty never ending with illnesses along the journey of my life. now that i look at it. So what causes FM i guess we all have one thing of another and i personally feel just like my last relationship it had to be something that made me stand up and fight! so i built the courage and determination to get rid of what was destroying my life and did not want my children to see anymore violence at such young ages then. I felt a stronger woman and have never looked back!

So for FM i believe all the things i have fought through and the last operation i had was the final trigger of destruction which has put me here, yet i still will not give up and think i am going to try these sessions as i am blessed i guess to be fortunate to get this help on NHS as never would i afford anything like this in my life! I have researched bloodtests drained my Dr's of Q's and am determined to see what caused it to happen. (the not knowing is worse than having an answer sometimes its not all about having a 'name for an illness.

Atleast i can give my 'personal' experience and thoughts on it with the Clinical neuro physcologist down the line since i have 'exhausted' the medical route and this is something for me to either atleast give a try or walk away from it and carry on as i am doing and who knows where life will take me with these conditons as if you read on The HMSA site i could be one of the 'lucky' ones who gets away with wheelchairs and home help. (although i have a stick and i have family help every day) not NHS. OR i can continue to believe nothing will make me better and live on lyrica and pain killers all my life through stubborness and not wanting to atleast give a chance to all experts that have passed me around.

Not all Experts are Equal

Experts disagree frequently and have a right to do so.

The majority are not always right.

The biggest is not always the best.

The most convenient is not always the best.

Most advances in man’s history have come from a single person or two people.

In medicine like life few things are true 100% of the time.

Stick with something you start if you feel it’s worth your while.

If you do what you’ve always been doing, you get what you’ve always been getting.

Your life has meaning if you put it there.

Taking no action is a choice.

To thine own self be true.

Take good care of yourself; you are all you’ve got.

Love yourself, forgive yourself, and enjoy yourself.

You only have so much time, make the most of it.

Most successes are not accidents or luck.

Most successes are results of careful evaluation, planning and continued action.

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.

Nothing succeeds like successose professions offering to help (each individual suffers differently i guess and some stronger than others) but we alllll are sharing the same thing or we would not be here!!!

I wish you all the best for all your futures and that you get the help and treatments you all require to keep you on the steady track of this nasty FM as it makes you feel like a 'Vooddoo Doll' may aswell be imprison for life sentence!

lots of fluffly cloudy huggles as you are alll so very special !! and the help and advice is amazing and very supportive!!!! xxxxx

so here you are :-)

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hahem ps.. as for my NHS comment this means at present i have avoided NHS Disability claims as self employed but its getting close to asking for help and giving up what i have built up in my little business . hence the clinical route to give it a chance!! :-) xxxxx


A big pat on the back to you.ought to be proud of yourself.



Thanks sammy! Not as strong as i may seem i moan a lot at home lol xxxxx

I just cannot find in me to give up though .. Sick of going to bed, i feeel so sorry for my hubby and daughters they must want to use earplugs!!! I guess they shut off!! Lol how are you xxxxxxx


Completely agree. it took me close to 40 years to figure it out. I know that my state of mind has always been a factor in my physical condition, somehow connected through the immune system. Most days feel like couldn't possibly try any harder, often helps, often feels like trying to push on & on uphill just dont have the strength. 1 day at a time, try & try to countmy blessings rather than dwell on the nasty staff that does not quite leave me, but however the day goes, have to believe I'm doing the best I can. Who but the deluded could ever ask for more from me?


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