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Does anyone get really obsessive about things (especially when you're tired)?

I seem to become really obsessive about the task I am doing and even if someone tells me to stop, I keep fighting them.

Tasks could be cleaning, working to finish a task rather than leave it for tomorrow, packing or unpacking the dishwasher when I know I shouldn't, or even something small like finish typing this instead of resting my fingers when they are tired, etc. With all these things I know deep down that I'm hurting myself and that I'm going to "borrow from tomorrow", but I just can't get my brain to STOP! I suffer so much more the next day too and hate myself for doing it.

Any help or suggestions?

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It affects many of us... I was the same ... My family finally bought it home to me what was important when they pointed out I was doing all of the above and wearing myself out and not spending any quality time with them because I was always too tired after doing all the things I used to do.... It's not easy letting go but over a few years I have managed a bit at a time to pace and jobs don't get done as quickly but I make sure I have the energy to spend quality time with my family... They prefer a not so wonderful house to the family home we now have ... If you don't have a family then its harder to stop but listen to your body

Good luck

VG x


I'm obsessive about ironing - it's become a real issue, because I have to do it left-handed. It's so difficult that I'm thinking of demonstrating my skills on 'Britain's got Talent'. I am convinced that Simon Cowell would be riveted.

Seriously, it's simple really - we all just need servants to look after us! :)

Moffy x


Nice to see you have a new hobby moffs .... Extreme ironing can do it on my garage roof if you iron my Sons t shirts that can't be tumbled dried :)

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Hmmm - extreme ironing - left handed on an asbestos roof? I reckon I could get into the Guiness Book of Records! Pass the tee shirts :)


Hi everyone. I've not said much on here yet but just wondered if there is a bit of a link going on here with ocd. I have fibro and ocd. Has anyone else been diagnosed with both? Mis x

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Strangely enough my husband has laughingly said I suffer from ocd,but I think it's because it takes so much energy to clean up, and I expect it to be kept that way for as long as possible,so when he leaves something lying about,I feel myself getting ever so slightly irritated. LOL

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Not been diagnosed but know I have a spot of OCD which gets worse when I'm overly stressed or tired. Try to keep it as under control as I can but sometimes I just have to give in and go with it so I can give myself some peace! Sometimes think it would be handy if we could just take our brains out and put them in a jar from time to time :) x


I think we can all look at other syndromes and find where we slot in. Most people have an element of obssessiveness otherwise nothing would ever he completed. My husband doesn't have fibro but does have some real OCD. The difference is the level of anxiety caused when his routines can't be kept to. I work hard not to become one of his routines....otherwise my life fan become difficult. Sometimes the anxiety has to be worked through. That sort of control is not nice to live with.

I think we have to be careful not to label ourselves or create issues that aren't necessary. Pacing is about knowing where our limits are and living within them. Many of you seem to be lucky and don't have CFS alongside fibro. I couldn't do half of what some of you do.....but also seem to have less pain as I'm able to stay drug free.

We're all different x


I get obsessive about silly things .. My lists must be up to date , my oh leaving the pAper in he wrong place . And he says my obsessive behaviour and my anxiety are much worse when I am tired . My kids call me the paranoid mother lol .. I never use to be like this at all .

Stepper I have CFS and am almost drug free for pain . Is this because i spend so much time resting or in bed ? Cause I sure know it if i try and battle on. This morning i sorted some cloths cleaned the bathroom sink i am now resting waiting for the pain to ease and the awful feeling of my whole body shaking on the inside ..


I have a few OCD tendencies. Silly as anything when I look at them logically, but nowadays I'm not so logical.

F'rinstance, we have blue and green camping plates, which I'm using at the moment instead of my breakable ones! I always give my son a green plate and green handled cutlery, while I have blue. The other days I made a mistake and gave my son the blue one instead, it still makes me feel uncomfortable. Totally illogical!

I'm also obsessive about matching cutlery at a place setting (over the years I've aquired several different patterns). I can trace it back to my childhood, where I always insisted on having a knife which was different from the rest because it had a small fault in the blade. I always liked to be different.

Even the way I use the Internet is sructured, Mooch through MSN first, then my Inbox, then Forums, finally Catchup TV. If I want to surf the Net, I start another session.

Weird, Huh?


Oh my god I thought I was the only one who did this when I'm really tired and in lots of pain I have to clean the house it's the only thing that goes through my mind I'm not sure why I do it though my partner can't understand why I do this when I'm in pain.It's crazy I'm not sure if I've got OCD or if its just another side affect from having fibromyalgia? At that point as well i'm snapping at my partner but don't mean to does anyone else have this problem? I'm having a really bad flare of my fibromyalgia. ( HORRIBLE) xx


Hi Suzi31,

We are in the same boat for sure. How my darling husband puts up with me when I get like that, I don't know.

I can't say for sure that it's OCD for me either- I have always been super efficient and structured and well organised- but this has become a much more serious problem.

My boss has on a few occassions physically picked up my coat and handbag and insisted that I leave the task incomplete. I become more and more distressed about the fact that this "thing" needs to be done, borderline panic.

I don't like the person I become when it happens - so I guess VG's advice here is what counts. Pace myself so I have more energy to spend with those who really count. Great advice, now to put it into practise!


oh yes,i get like that too, and can sympathise. i have been so tired i cant function but if that washing isnt folded properly or dishes done or dog out i can be very unreliable. i get so irritated and i moan at everyone .... big hugs .x.


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