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London 2012----

Yes it has started - I sat through the longest show on earth and some bits were enjoyable the lights the doves on bicycles the fireworks at the end but what was going on with the music Paul Mc singing Hey Jude what it was the worst bit for me -

Now 17days of Olympian performances I wish them luck may the best win and no bickering!

Good luck to them all and all of you who battle with Olympian strength to keep Mr Fibro at bay we are the winners smiles and hugs x gins

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hello gins, I slept through a lot of it but l watched after i woke up and like you i thought Paul Mc was absolutely the worst thing i have heard in ages, it had no relevance whatsoever and he couldn't even keep it in tune, it went on for far far to long - i think even the tiring crowd was wishing he would just shut up !

However, I loved fireworks and some of the clever effects (tho i would most certainly have been in migrainesville with all the flashing lights) but for me the highlight was the lighting of those petals and the way they ascended to make a complete flame, ( also having 7 young people do it was absolutly the right thing, not just one person ) whoever designed that should really be given an award. I was pleased that Sir Steve Redgrave was the torch bearer bringing the flame in as I had thought that Mr Beckham might be as he was on the boat going up the Thames earlier in the day and then again the boat in the evening, Not a great Beckham fan but i thought he did everything in a very respectful and good way.

Good luck to team GB - I may watch the swimming and diving as I swam a lot before Mr Fibro stepped into the equation. Other than that I don't think i'll bother much.

take care muchly dottii x


what a show it was spectacular. x


Loved the show was a bit surprised by the artic monkeys and Paul McCartney... I am reliably informed by my husband hey Jude is the only Beatle song he can sing as the late Michael Jackson has the rights to all others. Thought the rest was amazing ... Though the parade of athletes was a little dare I say monotonous after a while ... My husband who always has a quip for every occasion said they are athletes if they ran through it would help speed it all up... The pride of the athletes having their walk of glory passed him by ...... My only bad thought ..... How come the Italians got dressed by Giorgio Armani and we looked more like we got dressed by George from Asda what was the designer thinking off with our outfit. The gold on the white I found myself looking at the underarms everytime they waved looking to see who was sweating . My punishment for such thoughts a banging head ache this morning from staying up so late to watch it. One final comment was it fair to make the queen go she looked very miserable i bet she was so tired. I think she should slow down she's done a fantastic job for 60 years she's in her 80s I think people expect too much from her. Any way off to watch final practice F1 and drool erm watch Michael Schumacher .


we watched it last night and it was amazing. it was like watching a movie, danny boyle did a fab job i think.

been curled up on the sofa watching the swimming and rowing, all very exciting!


Yup loving the swimming - takes me back to my youth muchly dottii x


drat I missed the swimming!

just discovered that a certain tv box based provider [sounds like spy] has about 23 bbc olympic channels - easier on my poor head than the beeb's red button.

regards, sandra

other providers are available as they say


Loved last night, watched it all! What a spectacle, makes me proud to be British! Fantastic scenery, great themes, non-stop entertainment, loved it all! The only down side was Paul McCartney, dreadful, out of key, tone deaf, time he hung up his piano! Loved the rest of the music and seeing our team walk out was a real celebration! Fantastic! :)



I loved the whole spectacle of the opening ceremony - all for the Paul McCartney bit that is! A friend was one of the volunteers in the opening ceremony, and I know how much hard practice they all put in. A knighthood for Danny Boyle maybe?!


Loving watching the dressage (3 day eventing), used to have a pony in my younger days, so lots of horse riding, would love to do it now, but my poor body would object, lol. Also love the swimming, but tends to be same time as horses, and can't record when interactive programme is in progress :-( Yesterday I really enjoyed the men's gymnastics, some surprise results there. So far, I think we're doing us proud!


Was it my imagination or did David Beckham look absolutely gorgeous in that speed boat! I reckon he'd make a good film star, he just needs to do something about his squeaky voice lol! Very nice to watch though! ;)

Loved the James Bond segment with the Queen, brilliant! What a good sport our Queen was too! :) :D


The swimming was sooooo exciting and the dressage I too had a pony when younger wouldn't dare any more but dont they move beautifully even in the disgusting weather! Go Britain ! gins


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