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Newly Diagnosed


Hi, I have just been diagnosed with FMS, at least now I know what I am dealing with. I was told by the Rheumatologist I was only taking a 1/4 of the pain meds I should be on, so now have the joyous task of slowly increasing them. I have been trying to claim DLA for the last 6 months, with no luck so far, does anyone actually get it on here, or should I give it up as a bad job. The thing that bugs me the most is I know people who have pulled the wool over the Dr's eyes and get full DLA and a motorbility car when they are able to walk, do gardening and are not in constant pain.

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Hi bless ya yeah it is not a nice thing to have this fibro but dont worry about the people who are claiming and should not be at least when you get it and you prob will evenyually you willknow that it is genuine claim you dont have to worry about being caight out doing something you say you cant do let them get on with it, jus keep re applying an dsee if your GP can help you maybe an idea , i have not sent my form in yet am jus waiting i want to triple check it etc , i am sure some peoplre apply quite few times if you look at tags or archives you will see lots on DLA prob best look at those blogs they may help good luck love to you Diddle x

I do get dla but do have other orthopaedic problems as well as the fibro plus had a type of brain tumour removed. But don't give up!! There are charities who will help you fill in the claim form if you need help. They will know the trigger words which will get tour claim accepted. Remember it is the personal care things not the gardening or housework they are looking for. For example I can't cut my toe nails, tie shoe laces, was my hair or dry it, use kitchen knives, lift a filled saucepan, I constantly trip and fall etc

Hope this helps just don't give up. Listing these things is not whinging, they need you to tell them, they won't know otherwise.

Thank you, for your support, I will keep plodding on with it, this morning my hands and feet are twice the size they should be, so can already tell my day will be even more difficult. At least I don't have to go anywhere today, I have to have an ultrasound on my liver, my GP isn't sure if the pain meds I am on are damaging my liver, or if it is linked to my Diabetes, PCOS, I also have an duodenal ulcer, hypothyroidism, arthritis of the spine and had a pituitary adenoma

Nice to meet you lisa marie,

I too feel the same as you with dla, i have tried once and got turned down, i didnt appeal as i got worse to what i was saying on the forms. I will try next month when i have been to a cfs clinic and see if i can get some help with the forms there.

I have hypothyrodism too plus other things.

Anyway i am sure we will chat again, i hope you are settling in nicely, There is always some good advice on here. :)

kel xxx

Hey there,

I was also recently was diagnosed with FMS, after years of suffering with pain and all sorts of other other ailments linked to this illness. I have little relief from the variety of painkillers that I have been given, and in turn it has deepened my depression. It is very frustrating how we are made to jump through so many hoops, and fill in these devious long and complicated forms in order to get some extra help. I applied for DLA last year, and was turned down, but that was before my diagnosis and so I have recently tried again, and hope that this time it may be successful. The strange thing is, is that I never really thought about my depression as being a disability, I made it secondary to my pain, which of course was wrong. But, I found a very useful website that breaks the DLA & Incapacity benefit forms down, and helps you to understand how you need to complete them. It took me many hours over about 3 weeks to finally redo my application, it is not something that can be done in half an hour! Something very important to note, is that you have to be consistent, accurate and detailed, and keep an eye open for questions that are repeated, but in different ways.

The link to this website is:

I hope this info is useful to all of you, good luck!

gloglo in reply to Sharolina

hi sharolina, thanks for sharing that website with us i'm just off to have a look now hope it will shed some lite on one or two things. Good luck with your application love.

I have FMS and arthiritis and I get DLA and got it each time I have to renew it, this time i have been awarded it indefiantely although this may alter when they bring in PIP which will be even harder to claim. I give up the mobility part of my award to pay for my Motobility car.

I think sometimes it is how you word you claim and I do think it perhaps harder to get it these days. Look at the site which you can access from this site, loads of info on claiming DLA and ESA and how to appeal.

Good luck !

Thank you for all your comments xx

hi, i know just what you mean i tried last year to claim DLA but was declined. it is very hard to get especially now because they have put in such strict rules in place. i just gave it up i just didn't have the energy to go through all that again. i hate having to be on benefits i hate having to fill in all those forms only to find that they think they know you better than you know yourself. I've been told to reapply because i really could do with the help cause i live on my own. i may try again next month. if you do get through let me know. good luck love.

Hi Lisa welcome aboard - although I really would not want you here - as it means you are suffering yuck. One thing I have learned is if possible keep your cupboards and if you have a freezer as full as possible. At least then when you have really bad times you have not got the worry of not having anything around to make do with.

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