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I had a lovely day yesterday all unplanned the heart foundatuion poicked up my daughters bed at 10 am then my daughter nd 2 grandsons came over unexpecetedly so we went to the shop near me which sells eveything you can think of the boys were so good in there i treated them to a macdonalds and we came home and put down a blanket in the garden and had a picnic then out came the paddling pool and all the outdoor games it was really a lovely afternoon the boys loved the water so did my daughters feet lolshe 15 weeks pregnannt and with the heat her feet had swelled up so she put them in a big vat of cold water for an hour bless her

then they went at 4pm so i fed and walked my dog done all my house and then had a bath and sat on the sofa

it really was a perfect day and i really enjoyed it

love diddle xxx

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glad you had a nice day diddle sounds great xx


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