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Does anyone else suffer with eczema? Mine only seemed to start about 4 years ago, and I find it flares in line with a flare of fibro. I find taking an antihystimine (sp) plus an equivalent of E45 cream helps, but it still takes days to die down again. I am on the large side I admit, and my creases get badly affected, sore and itchy, I did use to think it was because of my size originally, and then suddenly it flared up on my legs, and the GP said it was eczema, and my legs with flare with it in other places too. Any better treatment on the market, or prescription? By the way, I only shower with E45 cream, I do find perfumed shower gels will cause a flare.

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  • No not eczema but spots not sure if mine is tramadol or just

    The fibro acny at almost 60 bad enough wrinklies

    Do you get asthma as the two often go togetheru

  • When I was working as a manager of a health shop I used to advise evening primrose oil, if used externally, internally you must check its ok with meds, if you use externally should be no problem.

    We had some good results, a lot of people even used on it their pets!,Y

    you can buy it in liquid form, or get the capsules when they are on offer, and open them to use externally. Also so not use if you suffer from epilepsy

    Best wishes Caz

  • sorry my laptop is playing up the second line should have read if used internally (ignore the first externally) Caz

  • My daughter and I both suffer with eczema, and we find that Aveeno cream and lotion seem to work better than anything. You can get it in Boots, and it's about the same price as E45 - which we couldn't cope with at all!

    Hope this helps. Luv ... Moffyx

  • It couldn't be Psoriasis, could it?

    If so, it would be worth talking to your doctor about whether you may have Psoriatic arthritis

  • Thanks for that Lindsey, I've been looking at those links. The only thing which doesn't fit is that I've had arthritis for years, when I was 14 I went to the hospital with it in my knee, but I will certainly ask about it. I really have to see the Dr soon, as the rheumatoid arthritis which flared in my finger in March is still bad, and I am starting with it in other hand joints now. I'm on anti inflammatory medication already, but really feel it isn't working, or at least not enough.

  • Hi i was just wondering. are you sure you have eczema and not psoriasis. I have had psoriasis for about 5 years now and then about 18months ago was told that i have psoriatic arthritis. The pain definately increases in relation to the condition my skin is in. It might be worth asking your Dr. Hope this helps Tina

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