Hi All

Not been on here for soooo long . My fibro has slowly gotten worse these last few years. It's now affecting my eyes and the muscles behind them feel swollen and I find it difficult to keep my eyes open sometimes. Does anybody else find this?

Also my legs are soooo painful and my feet burn . The rest of me is not worth mentioning . I find that every time I have a flare up it leaves me with more symptoms and that bit weaker. Have had this creeping on me since I was 18 am now 63. Funny how you can think back to unexplained pains and bouts of flu that never really fully developed , then you can understand it all. I was only diagnosed about 7years ago. Don't have many good days anymore .

Sorry to be such a misery .

Gentle hugs.😘

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  • Your eye problem, I think you should go to your GP, it might not be fibromyalgia. Always get symptoms that doesn't seem right checked out

  • Thyroid Eye Disease affects the muscles behind the eye causing them to swell and in bad cases the eyes will be pushed forward and sight affected.

  • I agree with hypohen about the thyroid eye disease. You should ask your GP to see an opthalmologist ASAP. Some people with fibro also have thyroid issues I believe so worth asking for thyroid to be checked. I have feet burning and painful legs too which I think is the fibro. For my feet I get a water bottle and instead of putting hot water put ice cubes in and put my feet on this while sitting or in bed. Doesnt stop the pain but cools them down.

    It does make you think when you remember pains and flu like symptoms you had years ago and put down to one of those things or a virus when it seems to link with fibro now. When I was 8/9 years old I used to get what my Mum thought was rheumatism in my shoulder and neck and at other times I would have horrific pains in my arms for no apparent reason and it would be put down to growing pains! (yeh growing into fibro pains ). My Mum would never let me be off school with anything either. Even the day I fainted or the days I had migraines she sent me to school. Hope you have brighter days ahead. Gentle hugs Joolz.x

  • Please take the advice that others have put already about your eyes being checked as it might not be a fibro thing. My eyes seem to vary from day to day which is a fibro thing but that is different from what you are experiencing.

    Yes I am nodding my head at all the other things you have posted as that is certainly how I realise I have been throughout my life.

    Just like Joolz said I can remember having pains in my legs when I was only about 5 and Mom thinking I just did not want to go to school and I could have cried with the aches, but we did not "do" crying in our house!

    I have the burning foot and legs syndrome and it is so distracting I was lathering myself with cool gel last night before going to bed as it was sending me up the wall.

    You are not a misery sometimes we just have to let the angst out and this is a lovely, caring site to do it on. Soft hugs.x

  • Thank you all for all your caring replies. My eyes aren't like I explained all the time. It seems to come on with flare ups.

    I will go and see the doctor tho.

    This thing varies so much from person to person yet in lots of ways the same.

    Again thank you,

    Again Gentle Hugs.😘

  • Thyroid eye disease will flare alongside antibody activity so it will come and go.

  • Hugs and yes I get that eye pain often. Eye doctor says everything I is ok but it is causing my vision to get a little weaker each time I have a bad flare up. I also have this weird eye thing though. You might have your eyes checked.

  • That's awful you should get your eyes checked my eyes seem to be getting worse I get pain in them I hope you get it sorted soon x

  • I am so genuinely sorry to read of what you are having to endure and I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

    Al my hopes and dreams for you


  • Thank you Ken for your lovely words. I really hope you are having some good days. This thing we suffer is so unpredictable you can't plan anything can you? How long have you been a sufferer? You are the 1st gentleman sufferer I have come across.

    Lots of gentle hugs.


  • Hi Annie52

    Thank you so much for your reply. I have been a sufferer for just a couple of years, and you are so right that it is so difficult to actually plan to do anything as you do not know how you are going to feel from one day to the next.

    I genuinely hope that you have had a good day and I sincerely want to wish you all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Hi I am really new to all this not the pain of course I think it's nice to chat to people that have fibromyalgia I think I have had it four years but thay have only just 2mths ago said it was fibo so I am finding it hard to cope with everything but am sure it will sink in soon x

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