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hello again

not been on for a long while get fed up with moaning about my problems. anyways been to the sleep clinic had a gadget to see how many times i stop breathing just waiting to hear back although did notice that when i got up for the 4th time for a wee my pulse was 80 and i was resting!!! app its a sign of weeing often at night when you stop breathing as it affects your kidneys!

am off to drs tomorrow as have got such bad pain in sides of my back all down right leg and both hips prob just the fibro but will check it out.managed to go to work got one of the lads to go to my car to get my crutches as pain got worse during the day never taken a day sick in the 2 years ive been there may have to change from tomorrow tho see what dr says!

also a friend mentioed to hubby to ask for a mri scan as these symptons are the same as ms! but dont think i have that although the symptons are similar!

hope your all enjoying this lush weather and in not too much pain x

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welcome back its always good to see the doctor that puts your mind at rest i think sometimes we put all pain to FMS hope you get news xx

give your self a cuddle be nice to yourself

gentle dyslexic hugs


Great to see you back Angied! Please don't worry about having a moan in here, we all feel like that at times and at least we all understand too!

Don't be too hard on yourself, I hope it all works out very soon for you and that you feel more comfortable. Good luck at the Doctors tomorrow! Take care. :)


I get up lots of times, not every night but a lot of nights when I just cant

sleep at all I just thought it was irratable bladder which went with fibro

a pulse of 80 is OK and you would of had to walk to the toilet so I would

be pleased with that

I did not know that about sleeping, when you stop it effects the kidneys


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