Hi All, I havent written a blog for a while but have been on just having a quick look. I have been back to work for a month and half now and last week was my 1st week back at my full hours, by the time sunday came i was shattered and sunday was a wash out i did nothing. I am still in a lot of pain and so tired. Im off tomorrow and sat so looking forward to having a sleep in if possible tomorrow!!!!! My partner woke me up this morning and i asked him why???he had to tell me that i had work to go too!!!!!!

Today was a low day mood wise and i did end up in tears for a brief moment at lunch. I am trying with work but i am finding it so hard and just so fed up being in pain and being tired all the time. I do understand that it will take time to get used to it again as i was off for 4 months but i wasnt expecting it to bee this hard or have this effect on me. It could be because i am hard on myself and i am expecting too much from myself as i feel that i done it before so why cant i now?! Does that make sense? I already had to reduce my hours at work and now work 30hrs a week and really dont want to go down any further but i will cross that bridge if it happens and i may have too.

Sorry just needed to get that off my chest. Hope you are all well?

Take Care

Jo xx

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  • it is good that you want to work but with the pain, you have to think of your health and perhaps 30 hours is too much, i had to give up work and i only worked 8hrs a week and that took nearly 3 days to get over so try not to be too hard on yourself.

    But only you can make that decision, have a good few days off

    Take care Lin x

  • Hi Lin, Thank you for your reply. I will try and enjoy my days off but today im not going to do very much.

    Will just need to wait and see what happens with work.

    Take Care

    Jo xx

  • Hi Jo.

    Sorry to hear your having a ruff time of it. I too used to work fulltime 40 hrs before contracting fibro, due to the pain and sheer exhaustion I had to reduce my hours which necessitated a change in jobs and a worrying period of jobhunting. Thankfully ive been in my partime role now for almost 3 yrs and as its term time I get 12 wks off(unpaid) a yr to help with recharging my batteries.

    My income and previous life style has been reduced and I wont lie this has taken a bit of getting used too but i felt that if a reduction in hours & in income now could help stave off the negative impacts of fibro and ensure my continuation at work then it is definetly worth it.

    Theres an old but true saying - our health is our wealth and this is so true. All the money in the world will not buy back our health once it deteriorates so although money is necessary to pay our way in life its deff should not be the main priorority. Im shur many of us would give our last pennies to buy bk good health and the previous life we once lived.

    Please dont let financial concerns/ issues dictate your health. There are benefits available for lower paid workers and although often difficult to secure without a fight there is benefits available for those unable to work. I wish you luck for the future take care & god bless. Dixie x

  • Hi, Thank you for your reply. Its not so much the money worries as I have a lovely partner and know that he would help me with money if i needed it, its more my own independance that i dont want to rely on him all the time for money (if that makes sense!!!) Im only 32 and feel that i have given up so much in the space of the last year or so because my fm has been getting worse. But if it comes to it then it is something that i will really need to consider as i know that i am struggling at the minute.

    Just need to wait and see.

    Take Care

    Jo xx

  • hi Jojo yes earning your own money and not being reliant does make total sense to me however after getting pneumococal pneumonia and pleurisy i realised that the time had come for me to put my health first. i hope you find a way of working less hours or flexi time so that maybe you can work round the really bad days, positive thoughts being sent to you x

  • The first line of your blog says it all Jo, you coped for a month and a half on reduced hours so maybe suggest to your employer that you work those hours permanently. That way you still maintain some independency but have time to look after yourself as well xx

  • Hi Irisjoy & Lynnh, Thank you both for your replies. I have decided tha ti am going to give it a full month back on my 30hrs a week as I feel I will have a clearer picture of how i am feeling. I will then make the decision and speak to my partner and work etc to see what options i have. I do love my job and want my independance but my health does come first.

    Take care

    Jo xx

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