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Sick paper advice please

Hi , ive been on long term sick since last September and recently been too ill to drive to drs with no family etc to go for me and I ve just realised im 2 weeks late with my sick paper for my employer.

Im worried the Dr will not backdate my sick paper . I usually just order it at reception and dont see the Dr.

Plus im worried my employer will say ive finished as they are very awkward anyway.

I suffer with really bad anxiety anyway and im really worried about this .

Anyone have any idea ?

Thank you

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Good evening, I think the only person that can help solve your problem is your GP as he/she is the one who will be giving you your sick note. I think you need to call your surgery when they open after the weekend. It maybe in your own interest if you got in touch with your employer and to see what your situation is with your job. Sorry I can't be more helpful.



Not sure .but think doctor will backdate it for you under circumstances and ask for longer one with your anxiety .good luck.someone may give you advice on work .hope your anxiety levels come down a bit


Hi Wiiliamsa, Your new sick note should continue from the date your last one ran out. Just ring your GP surgery Monday morning, they will help you with it. πŸ™‚


Thank you all for taking the time to reply . I will ring on Monday and hopefully get it sorted x

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hi, you can get r doctor too backdate it to when r last sicknote ran out


Thank you x


Hey sorry you have been so poorly! Like you I have been off from December. I had been to my doctors every two weeks for another sick note. Then last week had no energy to get out of bed so rang and asked for a telephone appointment. I discussed how poorly I felt and I was signed off another two weeks!

So if too unwell either ring and ask for a house call or do a telephone appointment. I am unsure if the doctor will back date a sick note but if you explain you have been too ill to get to the doctors they may be able to help.

Awkward as it seems It may be best to have some communication with work and let them know what is happening with you do it by email so that you have a paper trail and evidence. Again tell them of your health difficulty!

Has work tried to sort out anything with HR and support for you to get back to work? Are you in a union as rhey can be very supportive.

It may be a good idea to let the doctors know that you do not have any family support especially struggling with anxiety. Perhaps the doctors can refer you to other support services as you really do need help and encouragement - don't be on your own - ask for help and hopefully you will soon be back on the road to recovery.

I really do you pick up soon. πŸ’•


Hi 60Chrissy, thank you for your reply and words of advice. Its so good to be able to connect with people for advice.

I hope you are feeling better now or getting there .

Work are one of the reasons I am off sick , they bullied me and made my physical/mental health much worse. Since I have been off they have progressed to another colleague and she is looking to finish too .

No point talking to the owners as sadly they allow it to happen.

My GP is not very sympathetic about mental health , in fact I feel very silly and anxious to see her as she puts everything down to anxiety, although I have severely low vit d , folate and had a ferritin level of 2 . She will no retest my levels after only treating me with one dose of vit d.

I react badly to supplements/ foods etc and am unable to take/eat what I need.

Agitation is something I have not experienced until the last 2 days but it scares me more than panic attacks do .

I am so weak and drained mentally and physically I feel at my wits end .

I have been prescribed diazepam and venlafaxine but a psychiatrist ( I sought advice out of pure desperation and no help from gp) but am scared to take them as I feel so physically unwell and weak in my chest etc.

Sorry for waffling x


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