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Well it is here in lowestoft it actually feels and looks like a summers day so i do hope that you are all havintg the same what a great start for all you mums with kids off school now for 6/7 weeks it is lovely whenb the weather is like this as the kids can go out to play instead of moaningall the time so i feel for all you mums although i used to love the summer holidays when my girls were off i was smiling the day they broke up and miserable the day they went back lol

oh well i do hope that this is here to stay now what do you think mmmmm probably not me thinks

have a lovelty day and will be on here later love diddle x

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Yea Diddle, here in Sussex the weather is amazing, long may it last!

I was the same with my girls, and could never understand other mums who hated the holidays! have a lovely Day, Cazx


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