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Finacial advice

Does anyone know if there are any places to go for financial help whilst ill and off work? I completed the ESA formd three weeks ago but have heard nothing since, I've just got to finish off the housing benefit forms (although my landlord does not want me to do), I am scared of losing my home after just having major abdominal surgery. The stress is not a good thing, its effecting not only my FMS, CFS, FD, OA, Endo, its not allowing me to get myself well after the op. please any advice would be greatful.

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Hi Tibby,

You need to get your GP to sign you off as sick from the time you stopped working, until now and then every week after that. Keep copies of the certificates (just in case they get lost in the post) and send them to your employer, who must pay you statutory sick pay at least and any company sick pay you are entitled to at best.

If you are not planning on going back to work, keep sending them to your employer and getting paid by them until your notice period finishes. After that, you need to send them to the DWP who will pay you statutory sick pay until you have an answer about your claim for ESA.

You should also put in a claim for Income Support if you are not going back to work. It will replace the sickness pay and will provide for you, if your claim is booted out and while you appeal it.

If you have serious financial problems you can phone your local jobcentre and ask for a crisis loan on the basis that you think 'there will be serious damage or risk to your (or your family's) health or safety without the loan'.

see this page

You must absolutely get the claim for Housing Benefit in as quickly as possible. I don't understand why your Landlord would object, he wants his rent doesn't he. Depending on your income from work, you may even be entitled to help when you are working.

I hope that helps a bit and if you need any help with form filling, feel free to message me for help.

hugs, kate


My rent a month just for my flat is double what I get on SSP, so food shopping and paying essential bills (CTax, Phone, Water) there is just no money left. The disability employment officer at the JCP has said that I am not entitled to any other payments as I am in work (or sick from work). But thanks.


Hello again, it will take some time to get the finances sorted, depending on the sickness policy in work and whether you feel you will be able to go back to work, bearing in mind the complete picture of your circumstances. Information gathering and thinking about what will work best for you, in the short term and long term. I would double check on what you have been told by JCP with CAB or DIAL, I also spoke to alot of free helplines. I don't pay Council Tax. Would it be helpful for you to get a charitable organization to help you and go through your financial situation? I have done this which has been supportive, better sooner than later. I understand your flat is a priority -urgently get advice on your housing situation as you may be feeling very vulnerable. Hope this helps you to find out what your options are.


Hi. I went to turn2us and I don't qualify for any help. All the years of paying in and when I get ill and facing unknown.


Dear Tibby, I am sorry you are going through this. Stress has a debilitating affect on symptoms and financial difficulties creates horrible strain. I hope that you are getting some form of sick pay. You are probably aware that you will receive ESA from when you applied -. When you are able perhaps you can phone about how long you are expected to wait (or ask someone to do this on your behalf)? Try to complete the housing forms, can the CAB help (also with the ESA)? (Forget about what the landlord wants as you come first and you have rights - legal advice on this would be beneficial also). Get good support from your GP and explain how the stress is affecting you. Please take care of yourself and try to take a step back from your worry, with whatever you like to do which is relaxing, music, food, hot bath, film, focus on you this weekend. x


Thanks. My GP is not very supportive (in fact no support really - I don't fit the demographic person for the practice). I went to the CAB two weeks before my op, they could not help me at all, they said go to the site and find out what I am entitled to, so I did and I found nothing at all, but I did find that I got a massive headache, neck ache, back and shoulder ache and very stressed and worried. But thanks.


You may well be entitled to DLA with all those medical problems and the problems they cause you.

Try a different branch of the CAB - some cut the people who helped with applying for benefits and some didn't. Same with your local Social Services - they may just have someone who can help you.

Ignore your landlord - some of them are weird about getting money from dss rather than the tenant ... but that is just stupid cuz they still get their money!

Have you got a friend or relative who can help you with the paperwork? There are probably people who will be only too willing to help but are not aware of how overwhelmed and ground down with it all you feel.

has loads of useful advice - take up the offer to have the benefits and work booklets emailed to you too.

Have you got a social worker? You may well be entitled to a carer too. Access the Social Services via your GP - take along a friend with you who can stand up for you and emphasise to your GP that you need their help not their indifference.

Good luck

Julie x


I filled my DLA in first in 2010, then waited and waited, I had my appeal in January 2012 and stillwas turned down. I then put a change of circumstances in in january and waited and waited and then a letter, I still was not entitled to anything. I am now appealing that. So two years and no closer and now desperate.


Would it better for you to change GPs and get better support. Have you considered finding a Welfare Rights Officer for your case?


Hi thanks for you help, what is a welfare right officer? Have they now become employment advice officers? I am on three lists to change my GP but when I got on the lists they all said it depends when some one dies and then we move up the list. x


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