I met my daughter and 2 x grandsons this morning at 10 and we got my eldest grandson his 1st school uniform bless him he look so grown up he only 4 and he looked ready for school but when he put the uniform onm he looked too young bless him!!!

then we had a brunch at asda and went to matalan and by now the boys decided asda was a car rally circuit and were running around and going mad i am worn out anyway and having a jelly leg day my daughter is 3 months pregnant and so between us we were not uop to running after them eventually i saw toys half price soo one got water guns (not best idea!!!) and the other one got 3x cones and a football but after they gotto carry them arounfd they were good so well worth the 3 quid !!!

i dont normally bribe children with toys as it is not the right thing to do but in this case i had too as my legs were not going to run as fast as theres and believe me the youngest may be 2 but he can move lol

anyway now waiting for my daughter to come home so we can pop to a new shop that has opened called B and M a they are like poundland/QD family bargain store/argos/asda all in one and quite good prices so just want couple more bits for her bedroom then we done

i hope you all had a lovely day and will be back later ofr in the morning love to all diddle x

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  • diddle how do you do it , i cant do half as much as that i am in so much pain. Going to call you super woman . i went to town for a hour yesterday and had to come home for 2 hours rest before i could go food shopping .Wish i had your energy x

  • hi i dont know i jus keep pushing but its not clever to do that as a member rightly pointed out to me i need to accept that i have to stop as she was like me and she burned herself out and cant walk now so most of the time i am in agony and dont want to do it but i push myself so i dont think its really the right thing to do.take care love diddle xxx

  • Didd le you will burn out so please take care and rest more xxx

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