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Wish I could

The worst thing is not being able to do the things

That you want to do

Shopping with my daughter

Going for a walk with the dog for more than just

Down the road.

Doing the garden which I love

Going out for a meal want to but just can't

Do I sound depressed I'm not just sad

My husband has arthritis but can do more than I can, so why or why

Can't we have a tablet that can control the pain instead of the

Pain controlling us

Oh well it's nice to dream

Hugs to you all

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If only, my goal is to make it to the local carnival on my scooter on August 5th. I hope I will but if I don't I Shan,t be surprised.

Hugs xx


Vivien I can so relate to your post! I would love to bake like I used to, to go shopping for a day on my own, wear high heels again, walk along the beach on the sand for miles with our two dogs or a long walk through the woods!

I always try to say to myself "count your blessings Libs, it could be a lot worse!" Sometimes it works lol! All of the above things I took for granted as the norm, little did I know! The joys of Fibro! :)


Thats nice thanks Libby, and of course you are right

It's just, well you know if only


i feel for you and i know what you mean , gentle hugs xx


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