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Feeling woozy?

I've not yet been diagnosed but my consultant did mention that fibromyalgia is a possibility. I already have endometriosis and chronic pain. I've read up on fibro and fit many of the symptoms.

Does anyone else get really dizzy and woozy spells? Sometimes when I'm so tired I get so woozy and just can't think straight. All I want to do is sleep and keep my eyes shut. I just can't concentrate on anything. And when I walk I feel like I'm bouncing off the walls. Does anyone else get this feeling? I think its just a bad day for me today. My left arm and hand are aching and I can't grasp things properly with my left hand. And my ears and head hurt. Arrgghh, what a moan I am!!

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Thanks so much for your reply. It helps to stop me thinking I'm going mad!! I've just never felt like this. I constantly forget things, I now need a shopping list otherwise I leave the supermarket without half the stuff I need. And I forget words and my train of thought. Its just awful. I hope I don't have it either but the more I read the more I think I do have it. It sounds like you had endo pretty bad. Glad you have one less complication now. I had my 3rd lap last June and there's a possibility I might need another one soon. Been off work for over a year now with everything as just in so much pain. Thanks for the moan. I've found this site to be such a great help and support. Think I'm going to have a nap now :0) xxx


Hi, moan all you like, it's good to get things off your chest, we all need to do that. I'm one of the luckier ones here, my fibro is mild compared to most I think.

I walk into door frames and all sorts of other things, I'm lethal in the shops! I've been getting woozy 'flashes' (if that makes any sense), again recently.

My eyes can get terribly tired, heavy and achey, but I can't even catnap without meds so I just try to chill, plug in my mp3 and close my eyes. Luckily I'm at home nearly all the time!

You definately aren't crazy, or alone, you'll get loads of help and support here:)


Thanks so much ladies. I feel so much better knowing you're all here for support. I get what you mean bout woozy flashes. I get those occasionally and usually when I'm out and about. And I can sympathise with the tired, heavy, achy eyes. I hope listening to your music helps to relax you. Thanks again for replying pottydog xxx


Woozy flashes is a brilliant description - when you'd do anything for a sit down and close your eyes ... I rarely go shopping because they punctuate shopping trips as I stagger from cafe to cafe whilst the rest of the family look in the shops - I have found that using motorbility scooters helps no end (minimal effort and I'm already sitting down) and are becoming more and more widely available I'm pleased to say.

Julie x


I know exactly what you mean it's awful. I hope it wears of soon.


Hi LB79, Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain have the same relationship as ME and CFS it just depends on who you speak to as to what they call it. I was seeing a rhuematologist for suspected arthritis but had been doing some research on Fibro, when she diagnosed me with Chronic Pain I mentioned Fibro and she replied saying 'oh yes but I prefer to call it Chronic Pain'. I was referred to the Pain Clinic where they have always called it Fibromyalgia. Hope this helps x


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