This Morning

Hi All, I went to the docs this morning as i was given antibiotics the last time because of a lump i have under my arm and had to go back. The lump is still there so doc sending me for an ultrasound he doesnt think it is anything serious and thinks that it is lipoma which is just a fatty lump!!!!but because of where it is he wants to make sure. He did ask me about my meds and how i was getting on. He also mentioned that i am walking faster (although to me i am not as fast as i used to be) than 2 weeks ago but i told im still in pain his reply oh really!!!! my sick note runs out end of month and he asked my thoughts on that but told him that i was at the work doc next week. said to him about my head aches and i need to make another app for that,but i did explan them to him and he said that he thought they saounded like tension/migraine headaches. So dont need to go back to him now until mid sept!!!!!!! Even though im not sleeping, still in pain but hey docs know best ehh!!!!!

Take Care

Jo xx

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  • Oh Jo

    Sounds like you are having a rough time, hope you are feeling better now and that everything works out OK

    Gentle hug


  • Hi Jac, thank you for your reply. I went and got blood tests down as i asked about vitD and he thinks it will be ok but i got it done anyway.need to ring for the results tomorrow or thursday.

    Take care

    Jo xx

  • Hi Jo

    I have trouble with Vit D, very fair skin and burn easily and so do not get enough from our sun even in a good summer. In one respect hope yours are low at least then you can do something about it. I am also hoping to find out something wrong that is simple cheap and easy to put right.


  • PS let me know how you get on.

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