day 3 :)

well day 3 of feeling like i could do anything and everything(i know i can't but my head feels like it is in a good place)my body is still aching but copable i am enjoying this feeling i know it wont be long before it kicks me and says whoaaaaa lady , i hope my positivity is a good thing for everyone and i hope you are all experiencing some good days tooo gentle ((((((huggggss))))) i would normally be feeling sorry for myself and not very chatty today as it is 3 years toay since my lovely dad passed away :(, but i am coping very well sooo far xx :)

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  • Your dad is so proud of you wherever he is he in your heart he will always live and he would want you smiling and thinking back on the special times. Pace yourself. Tho. Hugz petal

  • hope you feel better soon teresa love beth xx

  • hugs xxx

  • thanks ladies , day 3 didn't last too long as by mid afternoon i was experiencing pain so i rested up, still feeling it today but i am remaining positive xx

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