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my life: being in the hospital

i just wanted to say thankyou to any of the staff that might have dealt with me they made me laugh and were so understanding, and the goverment is trying to force them to get a five percent pay cut, any way god bless them, had a bit of good news maybe getting the social services to intervene they can ger me loads of help and i heard that them or the o.t are able to get me a bed excactluy the same as the hospital bed the were so confortable the doctor hinmself asked me if i was on dla and did i get top rate i said to hi how am i suppossed to remember their names, he said put anything down as they will send him a fom and thats all that counts, dont want to get my hopes up,

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Good for you.

There are good links and information to fill out the DLA form from the FibroAction link on home page and tags to right of screen. Read them well before completing the forms.

Social Services are able to give you Direct Payments for Independent living. this will enable you to employ a PA to assist you daily. As k them when they come see you.

Good luck x


I went to c.a.b they filled it out for me i got high rate mob low care result! Gud luck


Keith thats brilliant news, you take care of yourselfxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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