My achievement for today

Feeling really rough today but decided I had to get out for half an hour. My car needed washing so I drove to my local Sainsburys and left it to be washed whilst I went for a cuppa in their lovely cafe. (not many places left where you can get a pot of tea for 89p!) then went for a quick wander to get myself some lunch. Got a few other things as and the basket got a bit heavy. Got stuck (as always) with self serve but the lovely assistant helped me and then got me a trolley to get my shopping back to the car. Had done as planned and parked on the end of a row - took me a little while to remember which one but got there, paid for the wash and came home.

I am so pleased with myself as haven't dared venture into any large stores alone for quite a while. Shattered now, so am going to spend the afternoon having a snooze and listening to Middlemarch on my kindle.


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  • Hi Caroline I agree with you some days you have to get out even though you dont feel like it, and this wet, damp weather does'nt help. Good price for pot of tea most places over £1. We usualy have coffee in tesco's when we go shopping. Have a good rest and enjoy Middlemarch soft hugs xx

  • well donei am terrified of leaving my fla tdue to past zimbabwean trauma wont even put the bag in the outside bin so silly but it sone of those things

    butwelldone you now takeitreally easy for a while petal

  • very well done Caroline. I'm with you and steer clear of supermarkets wherever possible!

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