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i just had a call from my doctor and i had a list of things annoying ! so ive asked could he help me with stronger painkillers as the co codamol dont touch me now so ive been put on tramamdol??? and hes upt the amitriplyn to more cant remember but im on 25 now! the othere things is i asked him to back me with the atos esa and dla so he said he would when they contact him so im happy with that thankgod ! hope you all have lovely days peeps xxx alexandra xxx

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Tramadol takes a while to settle so prepAre for aittle gidyness I am on 500 mg three times a day now as well as other tabs I am sure my dad must have. Been a horse cos they don't help AT ALL GOOD HE WILL HELP petal


thankyou blossom i just want to feel a little relaxed so as the pain isnt bunching me up all the time! xxx


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