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They were right------------------

Well the weatherman said it would rain and it is. Actually it is pouring again I have heard of leaky taps but this seems rather torrential. So quite obviously it calls for wellies. Now that would be a laugh cannot get them on around my swollen puff balls they are indeed not handsomely turned ankles that would slip into wellies! The longer this goes on the harder it is to get anything over my feet. What size well 8 for starters then 6xxxxxx custom built delight full models are the only way forward. Ghastly to a savy shoe lover it is quite the most horrid part ballooning feet. I wonder what the specialist will suggest today perhaps the NHS makes designer buckets I can put my feet into. Last winter I wrote to firms specializing in Bigfoot w ear they did not even reply to my pleas for help. (I was not impressed) So buckets dustbin bags or do not go out! The choice is mine today a canoe to each foot I think - I do love puddle jumping- splish splosh x gins

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my mum has the same problem ,shes searched high and low for nice shoes,to no avail ,

where abouts are you in the lovely weather i shant summer lol its a dark grey horrible day here in norfolk ,if your far away it might meen that the rain wont get here untill after school run ,heres hoping lol

hugs lynz xx


High lynz I am in the borders of scotland overlooking the solway. We are quite used to the rain and the possibilities of flooding but this year it is just so Grey. It looks lighter out today fingers crossed x gins


Wear flipflops and dry your feet when you get in. At least you will get noticed.

Sorry I know it's not funny and I really do feel for you but soft squidgy mud between my toes just sounds rather nice.