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God iam so fed up, please god just give me one day without pain please. Sunday 4 in the afternoon went to sleep woke up yesterday evening ( did wake up to go to the loo though ), slept most of today, now iam bloody in tears as iam in so much pain had my meds and morphine but nothing is easing it and carnt get comfortable. So fed up i would give anything to be normal for 1 day ha what ever normal is lol, think iam also getting a bit stressed about ESA appeal too arrrggg sorry peeps think i just need a big cuddle sometimes (hubbie works away)xx

Paula xx

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here is a big soft and gentle hug..your stress may be adding to you pain ( it does with me) but hey this is you and we are all as individual as our own let us be here for you right now..xx


Soft hugs xxxxx are you too in a wet damp area...... Why can't we have some sun and warmth for a little help...


thank you all,

ive had no sleep at all xx


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