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Want to scream

So I have been working from home all day sat on my laptop trying to stay as comfortable ad I can but as the day dragged on my pain became unbearable so I decided to go for a massage.

It felt so nice and for the hour I get so relaxed even though it was hurting me so much to be touched.

Now it's been over two hours since I've come home and the after affect of the massage is kicking in full affect. The pain is creeping all over my like the plague and Im starting to get to a point where I can't bare it.

I want to scream but it won't help I want to run but I can't hide I want to make it go away but it won't. So what do u do?!!!!

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lie down and listen to a relaxation cd...its happened to me a few times and i now realise that this form of relaxation doesnt suit me. Made me worse.

thankfully the pain did pass....warm bath TLC.


I scream and cry and then as valentine says a hot bath or shower you are not alone but when the pain is bad it feels like you are even with a house full of family. I shut myself in my bedroom so my son doesn't see how upset I get


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