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God ive been awake for one hour been asleep since 4pm yesterday only waking up for a drink and the toilet and need to go back off, iam in so much pain today legs arms back pretty much everywhere and just so tiered, when i first knew i had fibro i never thought it would be like this. What makes me sick though is people think you are alright cause you look it should have it printed on my forehead ha. Sorry just wanted to have a bit of a rant could write for ages but i wont ( and sick of feeling lonely ) xx

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Aw its horrible to be in pain all the time Paula. Good you can sleep I suppose but being in one position for too long makes me very stiff. Hope you feel better soon, love Angela x

Thanks Angela i feel lucky sometimes as my partner works away and i have the bed to my self and the only way i can sleep is on my side with pillows wedged so i dont go on to my back, if i do end on my back thats me laid up for a week. Gentle Hugs Paula x


Paula if you can't rant here, where can you! We all understand 100% your exhaustion and frustration. I think if any of us knew at the beginning that Fibro would take hold of our lives the way it does, we wouldn't have been able to handle the shock. It creeps up on us and as you say we look all right, you can't see our illness after all. The invisible illness!

Take your meds, rest when you can - I really hope you feel better soon!

Thank You Libby for replying , it does just creep up on you now iam in full swing with it aarrrrgggg xx Paula x

Hi One day at a time - tomorrow is as new day and I sincerely hope a better one for you!!!!!!

Thats what we are here for so that you can rant when you need too.

Yes you are right just because you can't see it people assume you are fine, how judgemental!!

I have M.E. as well as Fibro and other things and I could sleep the clock round and fortunatley my Dogs lie with me.

Soft Hugs x x x

hi soulsusie, i too have M.E and ostioarthritis in my back, i always try and set goals for the next day like ill have a slow walk along my mams or potter on in the house and the next thing i know its about half one the day and the fones ringing ha my mother asking where i am even though i have alarm on my fone to go off twice and my radio alarm lol .



I have CFS/ME as well as Fibro, I hardly know what day of the week it is lol! I couldn't honestly say which condition is worse, the extreme exhaustion or the pain! They are both fighting for control, and they are NOT going to win! ;) :)

hi paula i was like that a week ago its annoying isnt it :( i dont know whats worse the pain or the exhaustion , but i hope you wake up tommorow painfree ish! i say that cause i know we never not suffer! and i hope you have a better day lots of hugs to you sweetpea :) xxx

Awww thank you all for your kind comments it means so much to me , lots of hugs xxx paula xx


Awww Paula

Sorry for how you're feeling right now. I seem to be having a rant on here daily & I'm not long joined the site.

At least your getting to sleep. My sleep in poor but for some unknown reason I slept 13 hrs straight night before last & last night I had 2 hrs.

Rant away huni, we are all the same. I hope you get relief soon.

Luv & Hugs

Jackie xx


hi there paula i invest 64 dollars on a mattress ropper made of restafoam it has help me alittle andaseveryone keeps being told every little bit helps petal


Hi paula.

My sleep patterns are terrible.

The Rheumatologist did say when she diagnosed me that I would probably have more problems with the exhaustion and she is usually right.

I think its because I have lived with the pain for so long unless really bad like today (but my own fault i knew i was overdoing it ) the fact that the least little thing i do wipes me out.

And when i get it no matter how hard i try i have to sleep. So i go days without none at all then i cant stop.

Course with the painkillers i am going to have to take today i expect i will be sleeping for days too.

Gentle hugs hun. xx

Hi Paula,

I have not been on here very long and i think we all suffer the same things sleep/pain exhaustion etc,but we are all affected differently.It's usually 4 or 5ish in the morning before i get to sleep,but wake up everytime i turn over.So consequently i am so tired all the time,just don't have the strength to do much some days.I have just finished 4 session's of Hydrotherapy at our local hospital,it has not made any difference to the pain etc.I see my Rheumatologist early August hope she can come up with something that helps me.Not going to hold my breath like.

Take Care


Carol X

hope you've had a better day of things Paula x


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