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Blood test results

I know very little about FMR so the blood test results I have received today are gobble de gook to me! I was told my results read 177, 172 being normal range. My GP says she didn't think I warranted steroids. Now to be honest I probably agree with her as my stiffness and pain has nearly gone after suffering for 3 weeks.

I already have an under active thyroid which has been rather eratic since April last year so don't know if it is connected to this or not? My GP has referred me to an Endocrinologist but don't expect an appointment soon.

Anyone have any ideas on the blood test results please?

Thanks Pam

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Hi there

Your best bet is probably to ask this question on the Thyroid forum.

Other than that I would ask your GP to explain them in detail for you as none of us are medically trained.

I hope you manage to get some clear answers.

Wishing you much peace

Lu x



Thanks x


Hi greenfingers

I am sorry I cannot help you as I do not recognise the name of that particular test. I am wondering if you have posted on the right forum?



Yes I have but thanks anyway x


HI Pam,

You need to ask your GP to explain the results.

You can also get a copy of the blood results from the surgery and you can then check them with guides for results on nhs website

Good luck



Thanks will do x


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