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Shoe problem

My son is getting married in September and I am in a major panic about getting a pair of smart shoes. I gave up years ago and wear lace ups trainers or flat sandals that my feet slop around in. I am beginning to think about getting some made for me. I know they would then last years but don't want to even think about the cost. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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I have got some quite nice shoes from Padders. I have aorthotics and they do up to quite wide fittings plus their dual fit shoes accommodate the orthotics neatly and comfortably. I thoroughly recommend them … and you can order on line and they are good at exchanging if things are not right.




I swear by Hotter!! They do lovely smart shoes with a small heel but are EXTREMELY COMFY!! I've bought Hotter heels several times now & always get the wide fit so they are not tight. No other shoe comes close for me. Hope you have a wonderful day!! xx


I do not really know any shoe companies but I wanted to wish you well with getting a pair. I understand shoe problems only too well as I cannot fasten laces anymore and wear Velcro on my shoes. So good luck panda60

Take care

Ken x


I have a lovely pair of "Lorrettas" from Pavers which zip up the front they look smart and are very comfy. I wore them to my sons wedding last september and they were great.


Hi my son got married last you I have shoe problems and I take a size 8! .....I got my shoes in John Lewis there is a range of shoes called Rainbow shoes ( and bags) there are different styles ,heel heights ( inc flats) and they do a wider width shoe...which was fine for me..and the best thing is they die the shoes to what ever colour you want! I matched up a reel of Cotten in there habi dept to my dress ,they send the Cotten reel with the shoes, they took 10 days to be delivered .ithink they cost £70 first ever posh shoes!! Good luck! I hope you find something you like ( ps I still had a pair of berkenstocks slip ons for the eve! In a bag ) xx


Evan's do a good cut with wide fitting and as they are for the larger ladies they are generous if you know what i mean at reasonable prices Liz xxx


My problem is that my feet dont match. My right foot is badly swollen with fluid but my left is a normal size. so I need a 6 on the left and a 7 is too tight on the right . sue


I am afraid like myself I am 8 xxxxxtra wide and 7 normal I am now down to only one sort that work and hey are WIDERFIT shoes/ very helpful people.


Flyflots from pavers , really comfortable ,stylish and reasonably priced . I wear them all the time cause they cushion your feet ,sort of springy to walk on, I am like u wear good protected shoes (flatish) I had a wedding last year, and got a great pair that went well with my outfit . Good luck. Sue x


I similar but opposite ends of the spectrum, i only take size uk5 and have extra, extra, extra, extra wide feet and cant bear to wear any closed in shoes. They always have to be backless. That is because years of sales assistants telling you its normal to get blisters, or you will soon wear them in!

Have have learnt over the years a few things, like my bed pillow, you have to pay a lot of money to get anything half decent, a pair of shoes should fit from the outset and NOT need wearing in. Get a pair that covers your instep (the bit at the top of your foot) as it gives you more support and will be more comfortable.

I know we live in a day and age of fashion where everything is like follow the leader, but no one, and I am sure, no one is going to be worrying what your shoes are like! I understand your personal want, to look your very best, but sometimes comfort takes precedence!

I look at my wedding photos, i have been married over 20 years, and i think, ohhhh why did my uncle have to wear that suit? I really didnt like it, but i soon brush that thought aside when i think, he was there, he was standing and under that suit, the one I didnt like, was he standing on a very uncomfortable, false leg!

He is no longer alive, but i feel so proud, for him, that he was there to share that day with me too.

Have you decided on what you are wearing yet? You certainly wouldn't want to buy shoes before your outfit. We got married that time of year and the weather was gorgeous, so you may be able to get away with Sandals. If you are going to have to wear them all day, you will need something very comfortable.

I do hope you find something xx


See foggies pic of the day - DIY :)

Sorry it's flippant. No real suggestion


I like you have problems with my feet, some times normal (size 9) then swell to 9.5 to 10,s so I have a few pairs in different sizes, depending on state of my feet, they don't get much wear if feet not swollen, so they don't get too much wear and last a long time.

I go to hotter shoes who have a small shop in most cities, very helpful, measure your feet, and have 28 day return policy. If you see a foot specialists you can get a voucher for a good discount and vat free.

Hope this has been of help. Enjoy the wedding, skipping down the ailse, after the bride, foot loose and fancy free.



Hi Panda60,

if you want meade to measure shoes - try this site it lists the independant shoemakers in [Edited by Admin] [Link removed as per guidelines]

you should be able to find one in your area, for bespoke shoes you need to go in for a fitting.

If you are happy with off the peg orthodontics - and you like any of hte suggestions here - can I reccomend ebay. simly google the footware reccomendations posted in reply to your query - find one you like, but rather than paying full retail, go to ebay witht he shoe details, name, manufacturer and search for them there - ebay has shops where sellers can sell the same shoes but at a reduced price.

Best of luck - and if all else fails - simply take your shoes off - it is a celebration and no one will mind :-)


Hi Panda, I agree with Celticmoon, I swear by Hotter, they have a very comprehensive web site and sometimes have special offers, good luck, Linda xxx


Hi Panda60 -

I hope it is OK - I am going to end you a message witht he info I posted earlier - I had not realised we are not allowed to paste links, I hope you find it useful

best of luck with your shoes :-)



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