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Good medication for the pain ?

Just wondering if anyone knows of a medication that actually helps with the pain .. I have taken Pregabalin ... had terrible thirst problems and Gabapetion I had a allergic reaction too .. I take 200mg of Amitriptyline 100mg Diclofenic and 100mg Tramadol each night ... and during the days Tramadol or Diclofenic as needed but nothing really helps ???

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It's not really possible to say which medication would suit you Angie, it's all down to trial and error as we all respond differently to our meds. Also it depends what other meds you are taking alongside. You are already on strong doses. Do you take Omeprazole to protect your stomach?! This might be worth mentioning to your Doctor as Diclofenac is notoriously quite harsh on your insides and your dose is quite high.

It might be advisable to have a review with your GP to discuss all your meds and to say you don't get any relief from them, could you try something else perhaps. It's worth a try. :) I hope it all works out well for you Angie and that you are more comfy soon. Take care :)


I totally sympathise with you on this I am allergic to all pain meds I have tried so far the only thing I can tolerate is my dosulepin at night along with a low dose clonazepam and a lanzoprazole in the morning.... Off to see my dr tomorrow for another look at pain relief been so stiff and sore all weekend. Normally I sleep quite well with my night meds but the pain has kept me awake most of the weekend. As Libby dee says its trial and error but it's very disheartening when everything you try either just doesn't help or gives you side effects so bad you have to come off them .... I feel like giving up somedays . But finding this site and knowing I am not alone is a big help . Hope you find something that helps... I haven't given up hope quite yet.... Take care x


I have been on BuTrans patches for 12 months and they did help with pain, but started to have skin allergies where the patches had been. Now on Fentanyl they are just as good. Not for everyone as they are strong, but for me life changing.


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