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Fibro weekend party

Ive got this weird numb but tingling feeling in my neck for where it comes up from shoulders to back of head. My left side of neck is sore to move. My left hip isnt happy and neither is my left ankle. I'm also shedding hair like a shaggy dog and in general I feel not good. I've taken extra Tramadol but nothing is working. The exhaustion I've felt all weekend is unbelievable. So much so, I'm going to bed in a moment. I was in bed by 8 pm last night and slept til 8.30 this morning. Last Sunday had me in bed most of the day, and all week I've still felt like I was dragging my body around. Let's hops the coming week sees an improvement. Angie

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ive got same prob at moment, no idea whats triggerd it, ive had it this time for bout 2 wks...banging headache with it. cant bend my neck forward or backwards.....very painfull also with it my wrists and ankles are in a lot of pain and finger joints, with cramp in my feet from my toe going along the bone up my foot to my leg and part way up my leg.....all yesterday and in the night and today.......think i got a flare up coming.....o hell........j x


Hi ive also had a lot more pain just lately like you ive taken extra tramadol and parasetamol but it does'nt seem to help either. I think its this damp wet weather we are haveing. Where the hell is the warm sunny weather got to.soft hugs Marg xx


I'm pretty sure it's this weather, been flaring on and off for a couple of months - just as I think I'm improving it seems to kick off again. I've been having horrendous headaches for well over a fortnight now (bunged up sinuses not helping), stiff neck (turning to the sides v painful) - all my joints are playing up & I keep getting stabbing pains, especially in the fingers affected by OA.

I've not had too much bother with cramps since my GP suggested drinking tonic water (the flavoured stuff isn't too bad but I put some squash in it too).


It's about time we were offered holidays in the sun for free eh? Seeing as its beneficial to our health. Got up this morning still feeling the same, headache still there and my no is streaming too. Oh joys. Xx


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