Lovely time with gorgeous grandson Max

I went to Leeds yesterday afternoon to see my gorgeous 4 year old grandson Max. He is so adorable he kept wanting me to do what he was doing but a problem came when he wanted me to go on the trampoline!!!!!!!!!!!!! i said I would stand next to it and watch so that kept him happy but then it cut me up when he said why cant you come on with me my other grandma can. Brings you back to reality. Still we played loads of board games, read books and he sang and danced while I videoed him on my ipod. I now have lovely memories of this. My daughter is 34 weeks pregnant so another baby soon-cant wait. Hope you all have a lovely day with as little pain as possible xxx

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  • We have a trampoline too and my 11year old son is a gymnast on it. He is always asking me to go on it with him. Problem is I have spondelosis too so im terrified that it will either do some damage or just hurt more than normal! My sister who is very over weight went on and it put me to shame as im much trimmer in build so by rights I should be more physical....i can be but im rewarded with agony in varying degrees around my body! So do I try and hopefor the best or be a scardy cat and just watch? :'( I used to climb trees n run around with all my other kids, can be a bum at times xxxxx

  • I am so gladyou enjoyed your visit , he sounds adorable xxx

  • Aw, but I am sure he will always remember those times when you sat and read to him and told him stories, its not all about the physical things we are able to do cos all these other things are special too. He sounds so cute by the way xx

  • hi i know how u feel hunni so pleased u enjoyed yr time with him, ive got a 2yr old grandson n its hard to keep up with them isnt it? but i do wot u do n read n play with his large collection of plastic animals which he loves ,i just love how he says all their names , elephant is effnant n dinasor is dinor just love it they give u a reason to go on dont they?his mummy is also expecting again in feb cant wait ,i also have a 15yr old grandson matthew n i adore him he is now of an age were he understands nannas illness n he is so helpfull n caring.soft hugs hun love Tofty xx

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