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Oh my, I do seem to attract the oddbods!!

Well, decided I needed some sea air today so set off on a trip to Barry Island. Somewhere along the way I forgot to turn off the motorway and ended up going to Porthcawl instead. Fibrofog is my excuse although it could have been something to do with me chatting away to my friend at the same time.

Anyway, we had a lovely walk and almost got indoors before the heavens opened, what a surprise!!. Had a meal and then when the weather brightened up we sat under a shelter overlooking the sea, minding our own business alongside a couple eating icecreams. What is the harm in that you ask, absolutely nothing except when the ex partner came along and started shouting at the couple. Next thing I know she is asking me what I thought about him beating her up etc. In my opinion it was her that seemed a little unhinged but who knows. At that point I thought it best to make a swift escape, all I wanted was a little piece and quiet. Well, I suppose they do say there is no rest for the wicked, whatever I did in another life to justify these things I just dont know!!

Hope you have all had a good day, take care, love Angela x

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Oh dear shame your piece and quiet was ruined but your day did make me laugh. I moved from wales when i was 17. friends and i used to hitch hike to Porthcawl in our younger days.(about 38ish yrs ago) omg where does the time go. Going out tomorrow hope my day out is as interesting as yours ha ha soft hugs xx


lol could have been worse in Barry ! X


Hehe, Porthcawl brings back memories for me too Scrumie and yes Penny, would have been a lot worse in Barry. x


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