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brown envelope

hi all aint been on here bloging for a while,but back in may i had esa essment&today got the in the support group no date till so i guess its permant??guess they relised my spine aint going to change after 11 yrs plus FB ontop&athritis.PHEW its a relieve as waited so long!im happy my sister got through but shame hers is dated till nov.she has well dosed up all the time as only way to get through the day.hope everyone else gets on &gets the money they so deserve!ATOS hopefully wont be around long&FB is recognised for disability!!takecare all &hugs x

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Congrats.think were all doped up most of time.

I got no points so fighting it.

Got loads wrong.

Atos want hanging all,worry we go through.


well done lollypop its lovely when one of us gets good news. I put my appeal in they put in wrag group don't know how long il have to wait but would love atos to get a right kick up the backside as they really do not have a clue

Have a happy weekend now take care

Lin x


Whoop whoop congratulations ...



thxs everyone hugs x


Fab news Lollypop and well done for getting into the Support Group. It took me years to get into that group and even now I don't know if it is permanent. What helped me I think was the letter from my Pensions complaint that said that in their opinion I am no longer capable of either doing my job or any other job and it went on to say they had also taken advice from specialists in my field of disability who confirmed this. I had originally had my pension refused.

Take a back seat now and chill out, the hard work has been done. Take care, love Angela x


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