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Brown envelope!


Hi all hope everyone's having as good a weekend as they can expect hopefully better. I had the dreaded Brown envelope Saturday as soon as I saw it I knew it was my pip decision my hands were shaking but to my surprise it was fantastic news I've finally been awarded the enhanced rate for both care and mobility I was so relieved I cried for nearly 20 minutes on DLA before only got the middle rate care and low rate mobility so was really shocked to be given the enhanced rate even though I need it it was 4 weeks 2 days after my f2f so it's not all doom and gloom everybody the system does work on occasion. Hope this brings others hope. Much love and gentle hugs to you all x

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Great ☺

Oh what fantastic news, congratulations to you Hun. It's good news that the system does recognise people that truly deserve the enhanced payments. I'm so pleased for you. At least that's a weight off your shoulders xx

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Thank you it most certainly is I was getting more sick worrying about it I have more wrong then right going on with my body it's a real lifeline. To be honest I'd have been pleased just to get what I had before on DLA with all the story's I've read where people have been refused or had there vehicles taken away I never thought for a minute I'd get enhanced rate as I had no evidence to send off but my conditions have all been diagnosed by consultants and specialists so I guess that was enough.

That's wonderful news, I am so pleased for you. Thanks for letting us know it is nice to hear from people who share the good news about their pip decision not just the bad :) xx


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That's exactly what I thought.


Brilliant news so happy when somebody gets the rite decision sending wrap around hugs love yasmintina xx

Good news glad .I'm same as you dal mob middle care .not had pip form yet dreading it.well donex

Such brilliant news hun; I am so happy to hear this ♥️


Great news😀happy for you

That is wonderful news hopefully you can now relax.x

That's brilliant news, good for you

I’m so pleased for you, that’s great news! x

Much love and hugs back at you. Really good news. xx

Hi , well as I am in Australia I have no idea what this pip thing is, but I get the gist of the thread, it has something to do with benefits. Pleasedfor you on a satisfactory outcome.

I have struggled to continue working while suffering with fibromyalgia (diagnosed 11 years now, but had symptoms long before that) Fortunately I worked for myself so I didnt have to get up out of bed to go to work if I was in a bad way. But my work has become more difficult and I have quit so many opportunites as it was all too hard. I am really struggling now financially.

Anyway, good luck to you.

very pleased for you

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