Gabapentin or pregalin?

I currently take gabapentin but have been advised to try pregalin as it may help with my sleeping. what have people found most successful?

i didnt think gabapentin was helping me until i stopped taking it and then realised how much it did help. my gp has told me they are the same thing pretty much and didnt think there was any point in changing meds so just want to know what people on here who have taken them found best for them?


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  • I personally don't take either of those Hj, I am a fan of Amitriptyline. Hopefully some members who take either Gabapentin or Pregabalin will post soon and tell you how they find these meds help them.

    Here's some info in the mean time on Gabapentin -

    Here's some info on Pregabalin -

  • is amitriptyline a similar med to these two? that is another one that had been suggested but i couldnt remember what it was called!


  • Amitriptyline is mainly classed as an antidepressant but it can help with nerve pain, sleep problems etc. Please click on the link for more info, I find it helps me better than any other med I've tried (I've been through mountains over the years!), it helps with my pain, with sleeping and my condition has improved since taking it. I take 50mg which helps me relax enough to go to bed and sleep.

  • is it an addictive med? thats the one thing that worries me with an anti depressant even though they can be used for things other than depression


  • just found it through the links you gave me


  • Hello. I take quite a high dose of Gabapentin and I find it really helps but I also take strong co codamol with it and citalopram once a day. It really depends on the person. I think Pregalin is stronger. Like you I had to come off Gabapentin as they thought it was giving me a rash and boy did I feel poorly without it. I was so glad when I went back on it.

    Hugs to you xxxxx

  • Good morning, i take pregabalin 150mg twice a day and amitriptyline 50mg at night along with zomorph, tramadol, mirtazapine for depression, i feel good some days and other days quite bad, i also think that not all tablets work for all ppl with fibro but my sleep isnt too bad at the mo and other times im constantly trying to sleep and get know where. I saw on someones message that they take 75mg of amitriptyline but my doctor says 50mg is plenty weither thats because of my other meds i dont know xx

  • Hi there, I was on gabapentin for a long while and thought it was helping me - and then switched to pregabalin - and suddenly I started feeling better - more alert and able to get out of bed, not to say I am cured, I still suffer very badly and am in alot of pain - but I am awake and downstairs - and after 2 and a half years in bed that feels good - so I would say go for it it may really help you!!!! xx

  • unfortunately what works for one isn't good for another i have tried gababpentin and it made no difference i am currently on pregabalin and it helps a little but i have also been given citalopram amytriptaline and tramadol on top of it and it still has no effect my doctors think my body is just rejecting the medication and waiting for morphine patches now so fingers crossed that works ....but saying that its always wworth trying a different med to see if it makes a difference you never know it might be the one to help good luck x

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