Came on here to ask a question my mind has now gone totally blank and im so frustrated try to claw back the fragmented memory. My tongue is actually physically 'pulsing' because the words are all jumbled up on the tip!!! Hate this damn fibro fog it can be soooo distressing when you cant remember info and strive to recollect your thoughts because ur scared the lost information was important. It heightens my anxiety and i become sick with panic. Btw question was probably something irrelavant but now im feeling all shook up!! - good god what am i like!!!!

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  • oh bless you .. i too hate the fibro fog and i am dyslexic so you can imajine the muddle in my words/head when i get lost but i do use notes and lists my phone diary and reminders ... try finding something to help you . i even leave notes on my doors

    adding anxiety is not great so its helpful to relax and remember we all do it even people with out fibro .. forget important things xx

    your amazing ( if you wanted to know what your like ) how do i know ? well cose your trying your best and living with this fibro is not easy xx

    Gentle dyslexic hugs

  • I hate it to, Im sick of struggling to find the right words, my kids god love them think it so funny,I said to my youngest daughter the other day, that she d always be my baby even when she was 90 Id be there to look after her, she had to laugh, she said did I really think i was going to live til I was 130, I call my arms legs, forget peoples names, etc

  • I was chatting to my hubby the other day about needing to retune the telly and I ask him if we could get all the "animals now" where did that come from?

    I share your pain, my daughter says I've gone nuts lol

  • Aww thanx all. nice ta know im not alone in this. At least we give others a laff :-) x

  • I have the same thing all too often. It's the main reason I had to give up work. One thing I've found personally helpful is when it happens, just to stop thinking at all and do some deep breathing and sometimes it pops back into my head. Just a thought - hang on what thought was that ;)

  • Lol Seriously whippet its soooo annoying isnt it but shur ya havta keep a sense if humour and il try ur deep breathing tip if i ever get da energy to breath lol x

  • Lol feel much better now lynn espcially when I misread it at first and thought u had actually said you were with ur psycho then I realised you'd actully said physio!!! Briefly wondered why you be with a psycho but then thought it takes all sorts lol - oh wat a weird mixed up world we fibromites live in lol

  • Love these comments..... It so sums up what happens to me ..... My son is used to me forgetting his name ... But when I called his friend Alice instead of Alex I got a weird look .. Thing is now I can,t stop calling him Alice so I resorted just just saying hello

  • Haha your comment made me think of a wee song by smokie called living nxt door to alice. Its been remixed as a dance tune with the added chorus line that goes alice! alice! Who the f%*k is alice? Just about sums it up lol

  • How do we tell the difference between getting older and Fibro Fog lol! I'd prefer to say I'm Fibro Foggy as opposed to my brain in decline lol! I can't seem to remember anything these days! My childrens's names even go from my head. A conversation I had ten minutes ago I have forgotten. I lose shopping lists. I have to treble check that I've turned taps off or locked the front door! I drive myself nuts! I forget how long things have been in the oven, very frustrating!

    It seems I have a selective memory, I can remember all the words to many songs from years ago and yet most recent things just disappear from my mind. Hubby reckons I'm in my own little World lol! ;)

  • I stood in front of my sink with the cold water pouring from the tap, in one hand a bottle of squash, in the other an empty glass - I truly could not remember what I was in the kitchen for! it was only when I put it all down and switched off the tap and on my way out of the room, that I remembered!

    regards, sandra

  • Lol oh my poor u x

  • it is so annoying isn't it, like others have said at least it gives people a laugh, although i get strange looks from strangers. I do a lot of cross words to try and keep my brain working, but now i've noticed that its getting effected, the ammount of times that i've looked at a clue and not worked out what the answer is. I then look at it later and realise that i read it totally wrong!!!


  • Cross words - go you :-) ive tried em but have neither the patience nor the enthusiasm for them at the minute. So your doing well@ sharonissexy. Ive also tried brain training on the dsi but lost interest in that 2. I find it difficult to sustain interest in things when my brain is foggy and im in pain I used to love reading, with a passion. 2 months ago i bought a disc containing over 5000 books for my kindle - i havent even read one yet!!!! In fact last sundays newspapers are sitting on my bedside cabinet still unread - 0h well maybe il read em today - they will only be a week out of date lol x

  • Hi all, i have so much trouble with the fog, as i call it, so much so that at the moment i cant remember where i put a little purse that has my paying out money in it. It is here in the flat somewhere? but cant remember where i put it last. really bugging me now, i even went out and looked through my bin, incase i had thrown it out!, hopefully, it will turn up, or i will be in bed and will suddenly remember, if not i may find it in the fridge where i found my mobile phone the other day after searching everywhere. soft hugs all will let you know if i find it.x

  • This so made me laugh, thanks x

  • It so is. I have laughed since being on this site more than in past year. God bless x

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