I have been looking after my wonderful grandson this week, coz he is not well, He is 8 and as good as gold for his granny. It frustrates me SO much that I cant do as much with him as I would like. The pain this week and esp today is beyond. I have both children tonight, wonder if its illegal to tie them to chairs and gag them lol.....just kidding honest !!!

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  • no no not illegal if you give yjem sweets afterwards and tell them to keep it a secret game petal

  • bless as if you would !!!!!!!!!! love to you diddle xx

  • Ha ha its only illegal if you get caught but you could plead insanity due to lack of sleep nd fibro fog lol. Ive had my 3 yr old granddaughter and grandson staying from lunchtime yesterday theyre due to go home lunchtime today. Hav to say theyve been gr8 :-) took them both to a family party yesterday where they expended loads of energy bouncin on a trampoline. It musta tired em out cuz they were both out like lights by half 8!!! Mmmm wonder would it work for me im beyond xhausted due to no real sleep for the past 3 days - would give it a go but im not shur either me or the trampoline would survive it lol. Hope you and the grandkids have a lovely visit x :-)

  • My grandchildren live with me at the moment and I find they like me to sit at the table with them and do puzzles, play board games and draw. Another good thing is to get out some old mags and some glue so they can cut them up and make pictures. It's lovely as you get to spend time with them and it's not too tiring.

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