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fibromyalgia and breast implants, please read, its important

Hi , i have today been to the hospital as i have breast implants, i lost my breast 15 years ago, we have breast cancer in our family , in fact all the females have had breast cancer ,and they have all died, i lost my sister 2years ago, there is only me and my two nieces left, anyway i have found out that my implants have ruptured, so i came home to find out what happens and can it make you ill, to my surprise on all of the web pages it can cause fibromyalgia, i was so shocked as i thought it was all the stress i have had over the last four years, although it must have contributed to it, if any one of you have had to have breast implants , please see your doctor as it could be that they are leaking, sue xxx

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Hi ... thank you for posting and sorry for all your suffering and pain.. I havent heard of this.. but promptly googled.. here is some information which may help, put your mind at ease.. ..

Hugs x


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