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I have just been told by the pain clinic as I have had this long term fibro pain over 6 months that this is it now, I'm not gonna change

I have just been told by the pain clinic as I have had this long term fibro pain over 6 months that this is it now, I'm not gonna change & the pain is my life!

What a kick in the teeth while I'm already down.

I kind of expected this but it still came as a huge shock.

Not sure what I feel about this.

Anyone had same thing?

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Hi walnut, from my own experience when I was told that the pain I'd been in for years, was Fibro and wasn't going to change, was infact a huge relief because it stopped me believing I was going mad. I couldn't understand that I could wake in pain every day, have migraines nearly every day, everyone thought it was all in my mind, and so to some extent did I, but to have a name and the prospect of management of my symptoms was possible was infact better news than I had thought it would be.

I'm sorry you are feeling shaken by this news, but you have come to the right place for support and advice.

Foggy x


Hi Walnut,

I think we all have a terrific shock when we realise that this how it is going to be and we have to accept and get on with it. I still desire to get better and that helps me through every day dont want to ever accept that thi is how it will allways be oh no I keep fighting and keep having this recurring dream that this is our reality where we have to live in pain from our tired hurting fibro bodies. However by endeavouring to remain as positive as I can I manage to smile and while away the days.

I dont think we should ever give up hope of a cure or something for us all wouldn't it be amazing why not gradually things are cured so why not us !



I is with you Ginsy lol. i think we all wonder if we are going to get thru our lives with this but I think gins and I are proof that we will, I know I wondered if I could go on day after day with so much pain and that was when they actually diagnosed me in 1995 with fibro, but had had it since I was 11yrs when they called it muscular rhumatism,I was also diagnosed with sponylisis arthritis of the spine, so walnut your gonna be ok it will take a little while to come to terms with it, but come to terms with it you will, then you will be on this site telling others they will be ok, so you take care, keep smiling and as they say \smile and the world smiles with you, u take care now we are all here for you and to listen to your moans and groans and to try and cheer you up, gentle hugs coming your way...Dee x


Hi walnutwhip2 & welcome to the Fibro club! Yes, sorry, it is a bummer to find out you've got something you're never going to get rid of, but I find it helps if you think of it in terms of 'living with it', instead of 'coping' with. If I have a bad day, I just say to myself that tomorrow will be better & I make plans for what I will do then. If I don't manage to achieve my goals for that day, then I just say sod it - I will do them tomorrow. "Tomorrow is another day", as someone once said.

Big, Gentle, Hugs of support,



Hi guys, I'm sorry I gave you the impression I've only just been diagnosed, I was given that bad news 18 years ago, this is a VERY LONG flare up. Thank you so much for all of your comments.


Are you on any medications, or did you start or stop a drug just before you had the flare-up?


Hi Walnut, I find your Pain Clinics response a shock! How dare they say this to you!? What a load of rot. There will be ups and downs; you may never defeat it completely but sometimes you can have a run of good luck - provided you don't forget to keep up the good management skills you were practicing to get you there! Also, provided they do their job in helping you source the right combination of meds. I am really sorry if they have and there isn't anything else to try. But new things are coming out all the time.

Don't give up hope. Be a survivor of FM not a victim - and complain about your Pain Management Team - because they are not managing you pain! [I stick with my doc. Found specialists aren't so flexible]


Hi Sarah-Jane,

Thank you for your advice, I really did give up & thought ok so this is my lot, nothing else I can do but bide my time & carry on being a lump not moving.

I'm glad you took the time to give me a kick up the butt. Thank you.




i too have to go to the pain clinic in sept, i have to spend 2 full days there! the doctors said its 2 full days for 6 weeks

like a course i suppose

and i must not miss a day!! not looking forward to it though

did you have to spend full days in hospital at your pain clinic?

thanks xx


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