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Best of British! Not!

Well thanks to the weather my plans for the day may be spoilt ONCE again! Yesterday because thesun was shining it felt too hot to repot my tomatoes so decided to catch the bus and go treat myself to some new art materials. I might as well have run for the Olympics according to my body!and today looks like rain! So whatever I decide I CAN do today I think the Great British Weather is going to put a damper on it :-( enjoy the day folks if you can. Its crossed my mind that if we evolved from fish then maybe we are going back that way!!!

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Im viewing flats.and sleeping lol.and maybe visiting my mom for biy.

Would so love a house with pool.

Warm and i could swim everyday.have a good day.


Well at the mo you won't need a pool lol with all the flooding around haha Swimming makes me more stiff :-( xxxx


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