Carers who also have Fibromyalgia?

Just wondering how many people who have Fibromyalgia are also carers?

I am a carer for my adult son (27) along with my Hubby who has Autism (severe), Learning Disabilities and Behavioral Problems.

How do you cope? I am finding it very difficult at the moment as I am in a lot of pain, chronic fatigue, and feel very depressed.

Caz. Xx

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  • I am a longtime carer for my son. I have severe fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue

  • I am full time carer to my dear husband he had a stroke several years ago. I don't need it however there is help available but you have to ask, you could start with your GP. x

  • Yes I suppose in a way I am as my husband has anxiety and depression so he helps me with more physical things like the heavy housework and I support him mentally. I always say we don' spoil another couple as we scarecely make a good one between us.

    Mind you on the positive side in someways helping someone else takes ones mind off oneself but sometimes when my own brain is full of fibro fog and he is having a bad day mentally I find thinking for two of us difficult. x

  • I am also a carer, my wife has Primary Progressive MS, and I have a sister with Downs Syndrome who I am legally responsible for.

  • I am carer to my daughter who has learning difficulties and mental health. I also cared for my father-in law, but he passed away at Christmas. Take it one day at a time. Try to make a special 15 minutes each day just for you - mine was coffee with powdered milk at 3.00 pm.

  • Thank you all for your replies.

    It never used to bother me. However now I am not the woman I used to be -single mother to 2 boys, (until I meet my hubby 12yrs ago) worked part-time, helped out at a few charities. Now I can barely get out of bed.


    Have had carers assessment. Was a waste of time, told me what I was entitled to then they tell you no money. Respite care disappeared 6+yrs ago, shut it for refurbishment and never reopened. Nearest one is now over 80 miles away.

    Hope you all have a reasonably good day. Xx

  • As a retired RNLD who spent years taking care of people with autism, I can understand how awfully hard it must be for you! You love your son and want what's best for him obviously but you also need rest. Have you got a community disability nursing team in your town who can look into respite care for him? I hope you can find the help you so need. X

  • ahhh..... you poor girl x just all too much for you but as mothers we always push ourselves too hard x

  • I also am a full time carer for my Son with learning difficulties, care for my elderly mum & dad and also my long term mentally disabled brother, And just to throw into the mix I have Ostio-arthritis and Fibromyalgia.......... Its a 24/7 role but its important to try and have some "ME" time too, I try to go outdoors...A light snack in a Cafe afterwards....Or if I have a good day health wise a short swimming session or sauna.

    Its important to try and have some time out for yourself.....Caring is both mentally and physically draining.........But we do this without question for our loved ones..xx

  • Thank you all. Will definitely try and get some me time. Must phone my friends and arrange some coffee dates.

    Hubby has bought a Lazy Be inflatable hot tub. It is going in summer house we have in garden. He says it will do me some good.

    Time I started to think of me for once otherwise I will be no good to anyone.

    Thanks again. Its a great site. Shows I'm not alone.

  • I was a carer for my husband for 4 years before he died and had fibromyalgia, depression was the worst for me after the pain, the only relief I could get was an afternoon nap, and pottering around in the garden, felt very isolated. you need to keep in touch with as many friends and family as you can for their support, and immerse yourself into a hobby.

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