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Newly diagnosed


Hi all.i was diagnosed with fibromyalgia a month back.i also suffer from anxiety and depression quite severe which has an impact on my health too! I am constantly aching and in pain and sometimes get episodes of overwhelming tiredness so bad that I just start crying! I have two young children age 4 and 1 And feel like I’m failing them because a lot of the time I don’t have the energy to make it out the House some days :( I am 21 and feel like my life has just been ripped away from me and also my anxiety is telling me that it must be something serious to feel this bad every day! 😒

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Hi hun

I was your age when I first started suffering with anxiety/depression. I didn't have a clue what it was at the time, I just started having panic attacks, chest pain, I was hyperventilating, I hurt all over and I was exhausted. I just thought that there was something terribly wrong with me and I was going to die.

I'll cut a long story short......I ended up in hospital, put on medication, had therapy and slowly recovered. It was only then that I started reading about anxiety and all it can do to you physically and mentally.

I've continued to suffer bouts of anxiety/depression since then (I'm 59), however, because I recognise the signs etc, I can deal with it. I also have fibromyalgia to contend with too.

Are you getting any help? Have you seen your doctor? Are you on any medication?

Please read all you can about anxiety/depression..... Dr Claire Weekes's books are probably the come an expert of your own illness !

I hope you feel better soon

Take care


laurenx95 in reply to Judipat

I have had anxiety since 2013. Only just started with the issues with pain and tiredness a year ago and it’s definitely made my anxiety worse. I’ve had a few people recommend that book so I’ll have to give it a read! Thankyou!


1stly I'm sorry you've been diagnosed with this horrible illness. Its hard an in a lot of cases depression an anxiety seem too go hand in hand with fibro,I'd say get as informed as possible learn everything you can about fibro,hopefully you have a good support network of family an friends?tell them how you feel,an don't be afraid too ask for help,hopefully you have a good gp? Get support from them,sometimes you have too shout too make them listen,an come on here, its a great support network with lots if great advice you can ask anything,an someone will help you,I fee l fr you having young children an having this rotten condition. But there is a way thru.and a lot of help an things too ease some of the simptoms.its early days since your diagnosis it will take time to get ur head around it.hope too see you on the forum,take care X

laurenx95 in reply to Hidden

Thankyou. I do have a good support network but sometimes they don’t understand how I feel inside as it’s hard to explain myself. Doctors on the other hand are useless as my age they just laugh at me and think it’s all in my head!

Hidden in reply to laurenx95

Tut @ the docs.there's quite a lot if doctors like that,you have too stand your ground with them,I know that's easier saide than done. I'm glad you have a good support network.let them help you have us here too understand you,we have all Been there x

Hi Lauren, I'm sorry to hear that you're feeling this way. One thing struck a chord with me and I hope it helps in some small way. I developed major health anxiety when my first son was 10 months old, as Mums we are always tired but it was more than that. Every pain I had I believed was something 'terminal'. I'd had episodes of anxiety and depression in the past but nothing compared to this. I stopped watching the news on TV - I stopped watching 'Casualty' just fed my ideas and I was given a six month course of anti-depressants...which helped. It was very bad at the time but if I had my time again I'd go through the same. That sounds mad I know, but it taught me a lot. It helped me, I learned that I could have pain and not be dying. I think having young children makes us acutely aware of our mortality...the fact that we have young relying on us makes us all the more scared of being taken from them. At least that's how it was for me. After 'my thoughts' were under control I continued to have pain...I was diagnosed with fibro 16 years later...a result of being in constant 'fight or flight', constantly waiting for something bad to happen. You haven't said what help you have been given. I had a course of CBT which helped my anxiety massively...I found it 100% better than any talking therapy/councelling. I know for a fact you can have better feel your life has been ripped away, I know, but I promise you, with the right help that doesn't have to be the case. Take good care. xx

laurenx95 in reply to Gina-wen

Yes I have had anxiety for four years but started with my health anxiety after my second child!

laurenx95 in reply to Gina-wen

Sorry yes I’m on anti depressants and waiting for my next lot of counselling hoping it helps!xx

Gina-wen in reply to laurenx95

I hope it helps too...if you haven't already had it...think about the CBT. xx

Hello Laurenx95

I agree with Judipat, Dr. Claire Weekes books have to be the best I've ever read. I still read mine even now when I have a bad episode of anxiety and depression and I'm 58, mine started in my teens. I too have Fibromyalgia.

When you read Dr. Weeks books it's as if she's speaking to you personally, don't be put off by how long ago they were written because anxiety/depression was the same then as it is now. May I suggest if you are going to read one you start with 'Self help for your nerves'

My psychiatrist said to ignore the words 'nervous breakdown' because the terminology is not what is used today but it isn't frightening in the least. I think you will be relieved to see just how your condition begins and ends.

Many good wishes


Like Gina-wen I did a cbt course for anxiety a few years ago. In my case it was really an isolated incident triggered by a couple of things happening at the time. But it was helpful - there were just two of us in the group and the other one was a young mum with a baby. It really did seem to help her - she was a changed person at the end. Not saying this will work for everyone, and I think we were lucky that some people had dropped out so we were such a small group - we did do quite a lot of talking as well. But worth a try if you haven't before. I've more recently done a pain management course which also covered cbt - I think maybe you need to go over it a few times before it sinks in. But again with that one a big benefit was talking to other people - we were a bigger group but bonded well. Like a live version of this forum.

Gina-wen in reply to lolacat

When I did mine it was 1-1...not in a group, I bet that was helpful though with there being others there. Mine was about 8 years ago and you're right when you say you have to go over it a few times before it clicks. I use what I learned in CBT now, look at things differently and it really helps me. So glad I did it.

Have you had any blood tests to rule out other conditions, such as thyroid problems, anaemia, B12 deficiency, and Vitamin D deficiency? They would be useful.


laurenx95 in reply to klr31

I did have vitamin D deficiency but my levels are ok now as I take supplements and had it checked. I used to have low iron but that’s been ok for months too. Thyroid was ruled out but no b12 fear I do want one though so going to ask next time I’m at the doctors!

lynparton in reply to laurenx95

Ask go for a copy of any blood tests you have done. If you have B12, ferritin and folate tested make sure you check they are all within range. If any of them is below normal it can interfere with the uptake of useable B12. I mention this because doctors seem unaware of the devastating effects in your physical and mental state. They don’t always like being questioned but tough, this is your life. Good luck x

You could do with your thyroid results to post here as sometimes the doctors say that it's fine when it's not.



Hi there laurenx95 welcome to our group, I am sure you will find a lot of friendly advice and hopefully make some new friends along the way. You may wish to take a look at our mother site it has a wealth of information you may find useful As you can see from all the wonderful replies already we have a great group who understand and I hope talking here with others who know what your dealing with be a help to you. Please feel free to ask any questions. And please feel welcomed xx


PSI see you have not locked your post if you would like to do this here is the link

Locked posts tend to generate more replies and keeps it off the world wide web. If you help to do this please let me know.

So sorry that it's all being dumped on you now. Kids at their age should be a joyful time for you. I had depression and anxiety from age 12 on, but it was alot better when we had all our 5 home. Then it came creeping back and Fibro hit in my 40's. Have been on various antidepressants and pain meds. Some caused acid reflux so am on med for that, plus Cymbalta for Fibro with Norco for pain, with Provigil for day sleepiness.....conversly ambien to get to sleep wihich came before Provigil. Xanax once in awhile and may need more if the pres. for Norco are denied....ridiculous. We who need it are not addicts. I've not even increased it. I'm 73 and dearly hope you will find a Dr. who understands and not succumb to fear tactics. IT's not all in your head nor made up. Fibro is real. Demand help. Gentle hug...

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