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feel like I'm giving in

I am having so much difficulty walking,its not just the extreme pain in my feet & legs but also my hands are getting really sore holding my walking stick (or sometimes sticks.)A friend suggested trying crutches - at first I was adamant that I wouldn't but I've finally given in!

I've bought a pair of lightweight elbow crutches & I must admit that they're really helpful, but I can't get over the fact that it feels like giving in.

I already have to use a mobility scooter but that doesn't feel so bad.

My pain is genuine, so why on earth should I feel so awkward about using crutches?

This damn Fibro. I SO want to walk normally, but it's not going to happen!

But on a positive note, my crutches are PURPLE !!!

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thats the trouble isnt it coz we look ok we feel guilty for using aids but we musnt .i sometimes feel guilty wen i use my blue badge on good days but im mad coz my pain is genuine,stay positive hunni soft hugs Tofty xx


Hi cobweb,

I'm so sorry to hear your haveing a really rough time with walking, i understand what your saying and going through, i've been there and just wouldent give in, until i had no choice, the pain was so very bad my lower back,hips,knees ankles would just go on me and down i would go,also my balance,and the pain in my hands wrists and arms, i spent many months stuck indoors but in the end i had to give in to a wheelchair, i would sob my heart out everytime i used it for the first 6months or so, but now i love my wheelchair and been useing one now for over 3 an half years, i think it's about accepting the things we can not change and comeing to terms with, it all takes time just like comeing to terms with FM or any long term illness. I have an electric wheelchair now and i have so much more independance, and i just wouldent be without it now, :-) sending you big hugs and loadsa love xxxxx


bless you and how trendy are you with your purple crytches lol . i have got a stick i use it on occasion but try not to as i dont want to be dependent on it cbut no doubt it will come that i have got to use it all the time .

but ifd it helps we have to use them dont we .

love to you diddle x


Hi cobweb,

I need crutches or something to help me, but i have no cocrdination at all and i am bothered about my hands and arms hurting as they hurt just as much as my legs. My friends have said it will proberebly better to have crutches, but i not quite sure yet. I am struggling but i havent yet taken the plunge.

I would love purple ones lol.

hugs, kel xxx


Hello.I understand completetly how you feel.Ive been using crutches for a while now because my hip pain is so bad. Ive now had to resort to using an electric wheelchair or mobility scooter. I felt such a fraud when i first started using my "biddy dilly" because i can technicaly walk but its so painful it takes ages to get anywhere.My 3 yr old can walk faster than me.Now the time and energy it takes to walk the 300meters to my daughters school is leaving me exhausted and unable to do anything for the rest of the day. My biddy dilly is a fold up one and isnt very good at going up and down curbs and bumpy ground so it makes me ache if i need to use outside much,its fine for shopping. I bought an electric wheelchair to give me more support and its very padded unlike the scooter. I have yet to try it out!! The first time i used my crutches or scooter i felt very embarresed but got used to it,now i have to do the same with "wheely".Im only 38 years young. Now i have to pimp my new ride. My crutches are covered in smarties,my scooter has eyes and diamantes now i have to work out something for wheely,go faster stripes maybe? All the best,you will get used to using them i promise


Hi everyone, I'm new to this blog, and came across cobwebs comment whilst browsing through. I'm in a similar dilemma with getting out and about as I cannot walk very far without my lower/mid back causing me pain and discomfort. So after weeks/months of dilly dally 'ing', I have bought a Tri-Walker, and I like others feel a tad uncomfortable using it, as it will make me feel and look older than I am (59 years old). Im I being to vain over this, and should I just get out and try it. I basically can walk as long as I can lean on something, eg shopping trolley, thats why i decided on buying this type. (Tri-Walker). Wish me luck


I think we just have to stop thinking so much about what it takes to get us out and about and get on with it. I started to use a stick 6 years ago and since then had to move onto 2 sticks and like most of you then needed crutches for more stability and to take the pressure of my wrists so much. Things inevitably got worse and when I could no longer cope with walking except for very short distances my sister talked me into trying a scooter which I did and the freedom it gave me to move around totally outweighed what I looked like and whether I was the right or wrong age and at the end of the day since when was there an age for being physically disabled. The biggest disservice that the mobility equipment suppliers do in a lot of the things they sell is to show it with elderly people using it when there is a huge market of young disabled who are also customers. I have a manual wheelchair and an electric wheelchair also, I found that if I had an electric wheelchair indoors I could still do some of the household tasks that were hard to do with a manual one because of not having a free hand to carry anything. Since losing about 5 stone in weight I have managed to start to walk around indoors on good days with a wheeled walker but I bought a 4 wheeled one with a seat on so that I could sit as soon as I needed to rather than collapse in a heap. I seem to be an expert on equipment these days but I hate to see any of you feeling bad about needing your equipment and feeling guilty and embarrassed when you really should not need to. Hold your head in the air and get out there and do your thing!!. Once people have seen you with it they get over it and if it is a mobility scooter most want to have a go on it anyway. Hugs to you all and I really do understand. xxx


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